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Shaikha Latifa impresses at showjumping

Portugal’s Diniz leads after first day of Global Champions competition in Abu Dhabi

  • WAM
  • Published: 16:04 November 24, 2012
  • Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: Shaikha Latifa Al Maktoum delivered an outstanding performance on the first day of the Global Champions Tour showjumping being held in Abu Dhabi at Al Forsan International club.

The event is being held in Abu Dhabi following 11 tours around the world with 33 showjumpers participating for cash prizes valued at €3,000 (Dh14,297).

Shaikha Latifa and her horse Valentino Balia finished in 12th place with one error in a time of 78.04 seconds.

First place went to Luciania Diniz from Portugal. Riding Bluebuster, she produced an error-free performance to complete the course in 61.54 seconds

In second place, also riding a flawless round, was France’s Kevin Staut (Cheyenne) who recorded a time of 63.57 seconds.

Mark Houtzager from the Netherlands (Strehooves A-Bee-tee) was third and Germany’s Johannes Ehning (Salvador) fourth.

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