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  • story 1
    Tuesday Sep 2

    The world in a city

    Gulf News reader photographer Abrar Mohsin explores the cityscapes of Hong Kong.

  • story 2
    Sunday Aug 31

    Reader picture of the day

    Reader picture of the day

  • story 3
    Wednesday Aug 27

    Reader Picture of the Day

    Reader Picture of the Day

  • story 4
    Sunday Aug 17

    Great escape

    Gulf News reader takes a trip to the Liwa Oasis for an adventure.

  • story 5
    Wednesday Aug 13

    Reader Picture of the Day

    Reader Picture of the Day

  • story 6
    Tuesday Aug 12

    Different faces of entertainers

    Shabab Paika captured these images of entertainers to portray their “traditions, religions and cultures”.

  • story 7
    Tuesday Aug 5

    Reader picture of the day

    Reader picture of the day

  • story 8
    Sunday Aug 3

    A glimpse of Italy’s history

    Gulf News reader Neha N. captures some of the historic landmarks of Italy.

  • story 9
    Tuesday Jul 15

    Reader picture essay

    The Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque is still a sight to behold.

  • story 10
    Sunday Jul 13

    Reader pictures of the day

    Reader pictures of the day

  • story 11
    Friday Jul 11

    Facebook Reader Picture Competition

    Tackling the theme of architectural heritage, our reader photographers delivered... and how!

  • story 12
    Tuesday Jul 8

    Reader Picture Essay

    Gulf News reader explores the ancient city of Athens and comes up with some historical marvels.

  • story 13
    Sunday Jul 6

    Reader pictures of the day

    Reader pictures of the day

  • story 14
    Wednesday Jul 2

    The sleeping princess

    View Mount Mayon, in the Philippines.

  • story 15
    Tuesday Jun 24

    Reader pictures of the day

    A road trip to Oman results in a reader witnessing turtles hatching.

  • story 16
    Monday Jun 23

    Baron Gautsch shipwreck after 100 years: Picture tribute to Adriatic sea wreck

    The 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Baron Gautsch, an Austro-Hungarian ship which sank in the northern Croatian Adriatic sea, will be marked on August 13, 2014. The ship, originally used to service passenger lines, had been leased by the Austro-Hungarian Army following the July 1914 outbreak of World War One to transport troops, only to run into a minefield off the Brijuni islands less than a month later. Estimates say between 240 and 390 people perished in the sinking, making it one of the biggest losses of life in World War One. Today the shipwreck lies at a depth of 40 metres off the coast of Rovinj and is said to be the most popular site for divers in the Adriatic.

  • story 17
    Sunday Jun 22

    England revellers celebrate summer solstice

    Thousands of revellers gather to celebrate the summer solstice on Salisbury Plain in southern England. The festival, which dates back thousands of years, celebrates the longest day of the year when the sun is at its maximum elevation.

  • story 18
    Sunday Jun 22

    Iguazu Falls: 20 spectacular pictures

    Forming a border between Argentina and Brazil, the Iguazu Falls, South America’s largest falls, attract more than 1 million visitors a year

  • story 19
    Tuesday Jun 17

    Dubai Creek: Heart of a changing city

    Beneath a glitzy skyline, wooden boats ply Dubai Creek, the historic heart of a city that was transformed in little more than a generation from a tiny pearling and fishing port to a global trading hub. From early morning to late evening the creek is abuzz with daily commuters and tourists riding in abras, the wooden boats that have been used for years.

  • story 20
    Tuesday Jun 17

    Reader pictures of the day

    Reader pictures of the day

  • story 21
    Tuesday May 20

    Chelsea Flower Show: A sneak peek

    The Chelsea Flower Show is a garden show held annually in May by the Royal Horticultural Society in London.

  • story 22
    Sunday May 11

    Raging bulls lock horns in Fujairah

    Every Friday at around 4pm, crowds gather around a ring by the corniche in Fujairah to watch the traditional bullfight. It is a source of entertainment for locals and expatriates from other emirates. A running commentary adds to the excitement and helps create the atmosphere. Each fight is bloodless and lasts about a minute and the bull that manages to push his rival towards the edge of the fighting arena is declared the winner. The fight normally begins after Asr prayer and ends before sunset. Our Photographer Zarina Fernandes got a ringside view of the sport.

  • story 23
    Sunday May 4

    Etihad Airways offers residence in the sky on superjumbo Airbus A380s

    Etihad Airways is introducing a new premium hotel-style class on board its superjumbo Airbus A380s. 'The Residence', its premium class offering, features a living room, separate double bedroom and an ensuite shower room.

  • story 24
    Sunday Apr 20

    The world from above

    Gulf News reader’s experiment with bird’s-eye view shots for the Facebook photography competition.

  • story 25
    Wednesday Feb 5

    Snaking it up to the tallest mountain

    Takes an adventurous ride to Jebel Jais, which at 1900m is the UAE’s tallest mountain.