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Have your say: Luxury baby clothes

Do you buy branded clothes for your children?

  • Gulf News
  • Published: 10:22 December 26, 2012
  • Gulf News

Do you, or does someone you know, buy luxury or branded clothes for children? How much do you spend on average and how much more are you willing to spend? Post your comments by clicking on the ‘Post comment’ link below or email us at readers@gulfnews.com

Comments (4)

  1. Added 14:24 December 31, 2012

    In a time and place when 'mall-culture' is ingrained in society, people do buy branded clothes for their children. All my friends and relatives buy clothes for their little ones from the shopping malls. They also think that their children must wear good clothes as they do or probably even better. Besides branded clothes are much more affordable these days and last longer too.

    Sajna Mathews, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  2. Added 14:19 December 27, 2012

    I always buy branded clothes, not only for children but for myself. Branded clothes or any other item can be trusted by their quality even though it is quite expensive.

    CESAR, D, United Arab Emirates

  3. Added 08:41 December 27, 2012

    yes, it gives value for money.

    ramesh, dubai, United Arab Emirates

  4. Added 20:02 December 26, 2012

    I buy branded clothes for my children, not always. It depends on the occassion. I mainly look into the quality, fittings and the beauty of the dress.

    divyavalli santhosh, Abudhabi, United Arab Emirates

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