The evidence is against the US

Alleged extraordinary renditions and torture by the US will one day come to light.

Gulf News

Gradually the public are becoming aware of the atrocities committed against alleged terrorists by the US and some of its allies. A trial has started in Italy involving Americans accused of kidnapping a terror suspect as part of the CIA's extraordinary renditions programme. It is expected there will be many disclosures of what has been suspected of the US all along, including torture in all manner of ways.

What is alarming is the number of accounts of secret flights to secret destinations so alleged terrorists can be "interrogated" in a different manner to US law. The UK police investigation states there is no evidence to support claims of any secret CIA flights. Maybe that is so, but "no evidence" does not mean the flights did not take place, merely that the police either did not look hard enough - or the CIA was better at concealing than the police are at revealing.