Strict supervision a must on school buses

Institutions should ensure that all efforts are taken to follow the safety guidelines that are laid out

Gulf News

The Abu Dhabi Education Council’s move to ease the burden of schools over transport rules provides a respite to those who are finding it difficult to meet the deadline. Public and private school buses must adhere to a set of regulations, which include installing closed circuit television cameras, fixing speed limiters and having global positioning systems.

Some schools have raised concerns over the new rules, saying it is costly and the expenses will have to be borne by the parents too. However, the Department of Transport has assured schools that no penalties will be levied now, but fines will be imposed once the deadline expires.

Parents sending their children to school in buses need to be reassured that their loved ones are well taken care of. Regulations governing buses are made so that those who travel in them are safe. To this end, strict supervision and implementation of the law is a must, however expensive and time-consuming it may be. Schools should ensure that all efforts are taken to follow the guidelines laid out.