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Recognition for opposition a welcome change

All parties involved in the conflict must realise that it is the innocent Syrian civilian who is suffering the most

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There is an urgent need to end the bloodshed in Syria as it is the civilian population that is paying the highest price of all. Hence, all parties concerned have to be positive and find an end to the current chaos in the country.

Syria’s Foreign Minister, Walid Al Mua’alem, has recently commented on the way forward with regard to the situation in his country. He has declared that any opposition group can join a new cabinet so long as it rejects any foreign intervention. He further refused any proposition that looks at the future of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, labelling it as “unacceptable”. Al Mua’alem called on what he described as the “nationalistic opposition” to lay down their weapons and join the talks to form a new government.

Undoubtedly, there are new aspects to what Al Mua’alem has called for as it is the first time that he has recognised the opposition. If anything, this can indicate a possible change in the overall situation in Syria, as the fighting has taken a heavy toll for the past 22 months. However, the most important of all now is for all those involved in the conflict to bring an immediate end to the violence. The spiralling death toll and the absolute devastation should be reason enough to reach a ceasefire. It is time that the matter is seen from the perspective of the innocent Syrian civilians, who are paying a heavy price every single day.