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Make an effort to switch to organic pesticides

Imports of dangerous chemicals must be checked, and people made aware of using them irresponsibly

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The tragic deaths caused by illegal and badly understood poisons used by unskilled people to get rid of household pests are a cause of major concern. Far too many people (including babies and children) have died through careless application of the wrong chemicals.

It is important that the imports of these dangerous chemicals are more actively restrained. In addition, people must be made fully aware of the risks posed by careless use of the pesticides to themselves and their neighbours. Moreover, landlords and watchmen should be more careful and use regulated and safe pesticides.

One useful step forward would be to use more organic pesticides, which can be just as effective against the pests, but far less dangerous to humans. They are available in the market, but are not yet as popular as their chemical competitors. People should be ready to ask for them as part of a wider insistence by all residents that the chemicals used to make their homes clean should also be safe.