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Islamic solidarity meeting should bring reconciliation

Decisions will be critical in setting the future direction of events

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This week will mark an important meeting that will take place in Makkah under the patronage of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz. The Islamic solidarity meeting will bring together a number of Muslim leaders and officials to discuss the urgent issues facing the Islamic and Arab world. The decisions that will be taken at this meeting will be of great importance, especially in setting the future direction of events.

It is no secret that the region is facing one of its most challenging moments in its history. The events and upheavals that unfolded over the past year will have a long-lasting effect. Hence, all decisions that will be taken should be weighed in terms of their impact in the long-term.

There is no question that there are far too many divisions, and an abundance of differences and disagreements. Opinions vary — at times starkly — as to how best the region should move forward — especially on Syria. The country is at a serious crossroads — one that will determine its shape and nature as much as the relationship of all its near and far neighbours. Hence, it is critical for the Muslim leaders meeting in Makkah to decide on a future of unity and integration.

Syria cannot be torn apart along sectarian, religious, or political divides. Hence, the responsibility of the Islamic solidarity meeting is to bring reconciliation. The region has seen enough of violence and conflict and the time is apt to end it.