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Food inspectors keep businesses on their toes

Warnings should serve a reminder to fruit and vegetable shop-owners to maintain strict control

Gulf News

In the past weeks, officials at Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority have issued a series of warnings to owners of fruit and vegetable shops in the Al Mina area of the city. The warnings came as a result of inspections carried out by the agency to ensure that food safety regulations and hygiene standards are being adhered to.

While the violators may view the warnings as an impediment to their business practices, these are necessary to ensure that our food supply is being looked after and that the business owners are not cutting corners in the interests of making a quick profit.

Foodstuff must be properly handled, must not be expired, should be fit for consumption and stored in conditions which are free from bacteria and vermin. And refrigerators must be able to cool food to the proper safe temperature.

There’s an assumption that when we buy food, it’s safe to eat. It is — thanks to the efforts of the inspectors who keep these businesses on their toes. Those who break hygiene standards need to be held accountable.