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Finding a parking space in Abu Dhabi can be a frustrating wait

If there is one thing that recent road works have shown, it is that Abu Dhabi motorists have become more patient

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If you have ever tried to look for a parking space in Abu Dhabi, you will know only too well that it is a frustrating and time-consuming process — one as exciting as watching wet paint dry.

With metered parking spots at a premium, motorists are all too frustrated at the lack of available parking spots. And sadly, there are inconsiderate motorists who use parking spots for the handicapped without proper cause or authority, or double park their vehicles, abandoning them without a second thought as traffic builds up on the street. But do not despair — relief is on the way.

Municipal officials in Abu Dhabi have fast-tracked plans for five multi-storey car parks in the downtown area. These will be located on Corniche Road, Khalifa Bin Zayed Road and the intersection of Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street-Al Nasr, as well as on the intersection of Hamdan Bin Mohammad Street and Al Najda.

If there is one thing that recent major road works have shown over the past three years it is that Abu Dhabi motorists have learnt to be patient. Now if only those new dirham coins would work in the parking meters.