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Child car seats are a necessity, not a choice

Use of age- and size-appropriate car seats in UAE falls far below standards mandated internationally

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Yet another tragedy on the UAE’s roads has brought traffic safety to the fore — this time the need for children to be properly restrained in a vehicle. The death of a mother on the same road near Al Ain where more than 20 workers died in a bus-truck collision last week, also resulted in injuries to three of her children.

It’s a tragedy when anyone loses their life, but in this case, the resultant injuries to the children could have been most likely avoided if they were property restrained by car seats.

The use of age- and size-appropriate car seats falls far below standards that are mandated by a myriad of laws and jurisdictions elsewhere.

Sadly, the statistics in the UAE are not good: According to the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority, 63 per cent of deaths of children under 14 occurs as a direct result of traffic accidents. This percentage is far above the global average of 22.3 per cent.

There is but one law in effect in the UAE in relation to this area, requiring a child under 10 to be restrained by a seat belt.