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Al Maktoum Foundation opens western Europe's biggest mosque in Rotterdam

The 3, 200 square metre mosque in the Netherlands offers space for 2,200 worshippers.

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  • Published: 10:06 December 18, 2010

  • Image Credit: AFP
  • The new mosque in Rotterdam built by the Al Maktoum Foundation, is the biggest Islamic house of prayer in the Netherlands and in Western Europe.

 Rotterdam A new landmark mosque, built by the Al Maktoum Foundation at the expense of Shaikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and UAE Minister of Finance, was opened here on Friday in the presence of leaders of the Muslim community in Europe.

The opening of the Al Salam mosque was attended by Ahmad Aboutaleb, Mayor of Rotterdam; Ali Thani Al Suwaidi, UAE Ambassador to Netherlands; Mirza Al Sayegh, Director of Shaikh Hamdan's Office and member of the board of trustees of Al Maktoum Foundation, members of the Foundation's board of trustees and leaders of the Muslim community.

Dr Hussain Halawa, preacher of the Islamic Centre in Dublin, gave the first Friday sermon in the new mosque, urging Muslims to follow the moderate school of Islam and keep away from divergence.

The mosque, whose construction took a decade, is today the second most famous cultural landmark in Rotterdam after the City Hall Council. Construction for the mosque began in April 2000.

The 3, 200 square metre mosque in the Netherlands offers space for 2,200 worshippers. An entire level of the three-storey house of worship was dedicated for women.

The new mosque, built in a traditional style with 50-metre-high minarets, is the biggest Islamic house of prayer in the Netherlands and in Western Europe.

The mayor of Rotterdam paid tributes to Shaikh Hamdan for presenting this signature edifice to the city.

“We are proud of this civilisational landmark which all we worked together to accomplish it," he said.

Al Sayegh said the mosque has an enduring message towards the local community.

“The mosque will face tremendous challenges that require solidarity of the Muslim communities in order to build bridges of communications and trust with followers of other faiths," he added.

He hoped the mosque would deliver a balanced, moderate message based on tolerance and openness to the other and promotes the true essence of Islam.

Comments (2)

  1. Added 13:28 December 18, 2010

    Good work , Maktoum trust and Maktoum family for making this possible in Europe.Also it is not good to say "something horrible" for our praying area (Masjid) by Greet W. May Allah bless him with more knowlwdge and respect for other religions!!

    Tabrez shaikh, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  2. Added 12:01 December 18, 2010

    History has been created by constructing the biggest mosque in western Europe. Thanks to the Maktoum family for this noble gesture. May Allah provide them peace and prosperity in this life and hereafter and their contribution to the European Muslim community is immense and praiseworthy. We hope brotherly & cordial co-existance prevails in the Dutch and other parts of Europe for the betterment of World peace, inshaallah.

    Othman Mohammad Ebrahim, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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