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The national flag of Scotland is seen painted on a wall on the Lower Newtownards Road in East Belfast July 5, 2014.

1m Scottish voters sign in favour of split

Yes Scotland campaign hails milestone that Alex Salmond predicted would show Scotland would become independent

Royal Malay Regiment army personnel wait during the arrival
ceremony of Malaysia Airlines MH17 victims, at the Kuala
Lumpur International airport in Sepang, Malaysia.

Malaysia lays MH17 dead to rest

First remains were brought home and laid to rest amid deep sorrow and anger

People stand at the checkout line at a supermarket in Caracas. Critics saythe new system is tantamount to rationing and constitutes a breach of privacy.

Will fingerprinting shoppers curb hoarding?

Move meant to combat food shortages by keeping people from buying too much of a single item

The skyline of Makati, Manila's financial district

Manila: Debts saddle family of selfie injury boy

Boy, 15, survived accidental self-inflicted shot to the head while taking selfie

Mortao Maotor, posts over 200 self portraits a week on Instagram.

Is this Thai woman the world's selfie queen?

Thai woman Mortao Maotor posts over 200 selfies a week

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