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Bihar’s animal husbandry minister Baidyanath Sahni sitting helpless in a college room after being held hostage by angry villagers.

India minister locked up by angry villagers

Top Indian official held hostage after opening a petrol pump on disputed land

People gather as a Pakistan Navy diver attached to a sling rope from a helicopter, holds the body of a man who had drowned on Wednesday, after recovering it from Arabian Sea during a search rescue operation at Karachi's Clifton beach. At least 19 bodies of victims were recovered after they had drowned while visiting beach as part of Eid al-Fitr celebrations at two different beaches in Karachi on Wednesday, local media reported.

23 drown in rough Karachi seas

Law imposed to prohibit gatherings of more than four after deaths

Dinosaurs are a cautionary tale that once-dominant groups of organisms can die out, say researchers.

Why dinosaur extinction was simply bad timing

Questions remain as to what factors contributed to the demise of a whole group of species

Rescue workers recover the body of a landslide victim as heavy rain falls at the scene in Malin village in Pune district of India’s western state of Maharashtra on July 31, 2014. Rescuers battled through heavy rains in a desperate search for victims of a landslide in western India that buried dozens of homes, with fears the death toll could reach 150.

India: ‘11 of my family are under landslide'

Survivors share stories of pain and trauma in Pune village flattened by landslide

Map of Libya

Filipina nurse 'kidnapped, raped' in Libya

Philippines urges its nationals to leave following incident and beheading of Filipino construction worker


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