Rain hits parts of the UAE

More rain and unsettled weather expected in the emirates, forecasters say

  • Vehicles drive through rain on Al Dhaid road.Image Credit: Arshad Ali/Gulf News
  • Monday morning rain greets motorists on Shaikh Zayed Road in Dubai. Image Credit: Naveen Menon/Gulf News reader
  • Motorists face slow moving traffic on an exit towards Emirates Road as rain falls in Dubai on Monday morning.Image Credit: Florence Pia G. Yu/Gulf News
  • Gulf News reader Naveen Menon captures on camera a cloudy Monday morning on Shaikh Zayed Road. Image Credit: Naveen Menon/Gulf News Reader
  • Gulf News reader Andrea Alvares took this photo of a cloudy Monday morning on her way to Dubai Media City. RaiImage Credit: Andrea Alvares/Gulf News Reader
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Dubai: Rain fell in parts of the country on Monday morning, reducing road visibility.

Slow-moving traffic was reported on Al Khail Road, Business Bay Crossing, Shaikh Zayed Road and other key roads in Dubai.

Traffic jams were also reported in exits from International City and Discovery Gardens. 

At least two car collisions slowed down traffic on the Dubai-Al Ain Road, a motorist told Gulf News.

In Sharjah, it rained overnight, with light showers on Monday morning. Motorists reported slow-moving traffic on the Sharjah Ring Road, and towards the Airport Tunnel.

Motorists heading towards Abu Dhabi also reported traffic jams and waterlogged roads.

The Dubai Metreological office said there are chances of more rain throughout the morning, with an unsettled weather expected to continue throughout the day.

The weather will be partly cloudy in the afternoon, and in the next few days, according to the weather bureau.

The maximum temperature is expected to hit 23 degrees Celcius, dropping to 18 degrees Celcius on Monday night.

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  • Mark

    17-Dec-2012 18:47

    Celebrate the weather.....hot or cold, wet or dry. The UAE ia greatplace in which to be.

  • Rakhee Mansukhani

    17-Dec-2012 15:50

    When it rains people forget their basic driving rules, they drive with hazard lights on, they drive at a top speed while endagering the lives of others! Seriously guys! Grow up! Drive carefully! You get life only once!!

  • Rumana

    17-Dec-2012 13:56

    Awesome weather! Enjoy everyone and drive safely.

  • fairhope

    17-Dec-2012 13:34

    Taking pictures of a side mirror while in driving seat and obviously driving, wrong message you are giving away. This is serious and I believe who ever posted this picture should be penalized for reckless driving.

  • Kavita

    17-Dec-2012 13:05

    Lovely weather this winter. As this year reminds me end of 2007, can`'t forget that rain when all places were waterlogged, especially in Sharjah and had rainy day holiday in schools.

  • Farhat

    17-Dec-2012 11:38

    It's nice to have rain, but i have a message for those people who are driving off road; we had an incident today morning at Khalifa Port Abu Dhabi, the pickup turned over 3 times because of mud. So, please take safety precaustions while you are driving off road.

  • MIA

    17-Dec-2012 11:37

    Lovely weather, i hope it will stay for at least a week.

  • Manzoor

    17-Dec-2012 11:09

    Some the photographs seen here are shot while driving by drivers. Gulf news please do not encourage such act, as it can be disaster on the road.

  • Abu Abdulah

    17-Dec-2012 10:56


  • Sabah

    17-Dec-2012 10:36

    Beautiful day. with sick kids around makes me depressed. can't enjoy the rain:(

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Celebrate the weather.....hot or cold, wet or dry. The UAE ia greatplace in which to be.


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