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Heavy rain, flooding hits Al Ain

Police advise drivers to exercise caution

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Al Ain: Traffic police have called on drivers to exercise caution on wet roads to avoid accidents.

The call was made in the wake of heavy rain that hit parts of Al Ain on Sunday evening, flooding low-lying areas and streets mostly in the southern part of Al Ain city.

Major Salah Abdullah Al Hamiri, head of Al Ain Police’s Traffic Department, said people should drive carefully in the rain, leave enough space between vehicles and in the case of strong wind, dust and heavy rainfall stop driving and park safely.

He also urged drivers to check the weather forecast before travelling from one city to another as conditions can vary greatly.

Maj Al Hamiri said drivers must also stick to the speed limit and exercise caution while passing through tunnels due to the possibility of waterlogging.

A number of minor accidents were reported on Sunday evening. According to the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS), a thunderstorm resulted in some 40.8mm rainfall in Al Shouab, 5.4mm at Al Ain airport and 4.8mm in Al Ain City.

A dust storm also hit the city just before the rain.



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glad to have the little rainfall that we are blessed with. some places in Al Ain received little rainfall some received more. regarding the flooding...usually happens due to the lack of keeping proper drainage systems here as they are usually filled with garbage and sand by the street cleaners and some other people. that in simple words is not called flooding. floods are what happen in Asia during monsoons


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