No sweat! RTA launches taxi booking service for Dubai Metro users

Send SMS while on board and car will be there waiting

RTA launches taxi booking service for Metro users
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Under the system passengers can book a taxi via SMS,which will then be confirmedby a reply.
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Dubai: Metro commuters now have the luxury of a taxi waiting for them before they step out of stations as the Roads and Transport Authority's (RTA) new taxi booking system is live.

Under the system passengers can book a taxi via SMS, which will then be confirmed by a reply. The system works through a unique code assigned to every station on the Red and Green lines, which determines where a taxi is required.

"Every station has a unique code number, which is mentioned at the entrance of the stations. Passengers requesting a taxi should SMS the code and other details of the station to 4774 and a taxi will arrive within minutes," said Eisa Abdul Rahman Al Dossary, CEO of the RTA's Public Transport Agency.

For a successful booking, the SMS should follow a particular pattern with required details properly keyed in.

"To book a taxi a person has to type details of the station where they want the taxi, like ‘R' or ‘G' for Red line or Green line, the code number of the station and the entrance number of the station.

"The details should be sent without any space between them to 4774. A confirmation will be sent to the passenger instantly and a taxi will arrive in minutes," said Al Dossary.


The service is currently available only for etisalat users. Du customers will have to wait for some time to access it.

Adel Mohammad Shakeri, Director of the Transportation System Department at the Public Transport Agency, said the system scans for all taxis within a 500-metre range of the station in question and dispatches the one which is the nearest.

"We have ensured that the passenger has the least amount of waiting time and that is why we have involved all the franchises. The system doesn't discriminate between DTC [Dubai Taxi Corporation] taxis and other franchise taxis — whichever is closest will be dispatched immediately," he said.

The service does not cost extra — only SMS and taxi fares will be applicable. "Our plan is to use the latest and the best in the world, in terms of technology and services. Our efforts so far have been fruitful and it is reflected in the results we have had over the last couple of years," said Shakeri.

One of the several new projects that the RTA is implementing on a larger scale is Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI), which is already available on the Metro, but in the next couple of months it will be installed in bus stops and bus stations.

"We are installing LCD screens at 46 bus stops which will provide real-time information to passengers about buses, like when they will arrive, where they are currently.

"Another 34 screens will be installed at bus stations," said Shakeri, The technology will later be available on mobile phones, which will allow a commuter to get bus information via SMS.

Another key project the RTA is working on is having Wi-Fi connectivity on buses. The authority will soon launch a pilot of the project with all intercity buses and all buses could be Wi-Fi-enabled by next year.


How to book your taxi


  • Atif

    May 28, 2012 6:57

    Commendable indeed! Wouldn't it be great if Dubai Metro is connected with Sharjah too.. there are thousands of people travelling everyday to and from Dubai to Sharjah..

  • R.Vasudevan

    May 28, 2012 1:00

    RTA should be congratulated for making advancements using technology, and encouraging customers to use public transport more often.As for Wi-Fi, at present RTA seems to be charging a fare if one wants to use it in Metro. This cost should be either subsidized or removed. If a similar situation will happen in inter-city buses, there will not be many takers. RTA must consider incentives for public transport usage.Other areas where RTA can improve:1. Facility for air passengers to go in Metro, providing baggage areas. The present small area is useless. In addition, there should be accessibility for persons with baggages that cannot go through the barriers.2. Provide additional exits that are shorter, because in some of the stations (e.g. Karama) the passengers have to walk a really long way to get in and out of the station,3. Ensure m-Parking system works all the time. During some peak hours this seems to go kaput.4. Provide additional internal roads, traffic lights, and staff to man dozens of very busy areas in Dubai.5. Metro runs busy and full house for majority of the day, which is good. What is not good is that the Metro passengers are mostly previously bus users. When you experience SZ Road every day, it is obvious that motorists have hardly switched to Metro. Thus RTA has only got its bus customers switching loyalty, and no motorists. RTA can think about this problem and find out ways of addressing it.

  • Cherian

    May 28, 2012 12:54

    There are lot of people staying in International City using Metro. I also use Metro when my company transport is not available. Few months before travelling from Rashidiya to International city by bus no. 365 was only 15 minutes journey but now it is a one hour journey. Is there any feeder bus for International city?

  • Ishaq

    May 28, 2012 9:54

    If some body books the Taxi as a game and he doesn't take it, how we can know that?

  • Shafraz

    May 28, 2012 9:52

    So what about the break down of the up charges, i.e for the SMS and the additional up charge for booking the Taxi?


How to book your taxi

How to book your taxi

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Commendable indeed! Wouldn't it be great if Dubai Metro is connected with Sharjah too.. there are thousands of people travelling everyday to and from Dubai to Sharjah..


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