mParking failure wreaks havoc

RTA says service is facing technical problems due to heavy usage.

  • The number of people using the mParking service has increased manifold recently. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News
  • SMSs confirming the failed transactions after using the mParking service. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News
09 Gulf News

Dubai: Malfunctioning of the mParking system continued to cause inconvenience to motorists as they complained that they were often unable to pay parking fees using mobile phones.

Failure to pay or renew eparking tickets using the mParking service forced motorists to run for coins but many still lost the race and found parking tickets slapped on their vehicles.

A motorist, who was given a fine on Monday evening, explained that he paid the parking fee using the mParking service and got an SMS confirming his transaction after two minutes of paying.

After 50 minutes, he got an SMS request to renew his parking ticket and he did so using the mParking service and again got an SMS confirming his payment. But within minutes, he got another message that his transaction had failed. He rushed to his car to pay for the parking using the parking meters but it was too late as the parking inspector had already given him a fine of Dh100 for not renewing his parking ticket.

"I fail to understand why the inspector's PDA was not updated about the malfunctioning of the system. I consider it unfair and a rip- off and request the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority [RTA] to cancel all the fines issued as a result of their system failure," said Jevan who got two fines in two days for failure of the mParking system.

A number of other motorists told Gulf News that they tried paying the parking fee using the mParking service but it did not work properly.

"I am confused whether to use the mParking service in future. I paid the fee using the mobile phone on Monday, got the confirmation message within two minutes. As I entered my office, I got another SMS about five minutes later informing me about failure of the transaction. I rushed back to the car from my office to purchase the parking ticket using coins at the parking meter," said another motorist.

A senior official at the Parking Department of the RTA said the mParking service was facing technical glitches due to heavy usage. The number of people using mParking has increased manifold recently.


  • Paras Tolani

    Oct 13, 2010 2:41

    Another not-well-planned wide scale implementation.

  • Ali

    Oct 13, 2010 2:27

    I was fined 150AED in dera few weeks back. I parked the car and since i did not had coins i sent sms to mparking and i got error in return. so i ran into a shop to get coins. honestly i came back in 1 minute. this RTA guy was hiding few meters away as soon he saw me going into shop he came running and put the fine. i came back running as well and he sat into his car and drove away .. i called RTA helpline and the cold person on teh other end of the line told me that nothing can be done and its better to pay fine rather than wasting time :( what is this?!

  • nixon

    Oct 13, 2010 1:38

    The RTA should waive off these fines

  • Prasanna AR

    Oct 13, 2010 12:24

    I was a victim of this too. I was running from post to piller but for no justice. One fatefull day i send a message & after few minutes I receivce a confirmatioin. I leave for my work & on my return in a hours time I was shocked to see a fine for 150dhs (wrong parking zone) I tried expaling the duty inspector who i spotted immediately but in vain - He seem'd to not understand a word what i said. All he said was 'GO OFFICE ' 'GO OFFICE '. I immediately spoke to the call center & then also visited the RMA office - but nothing happened I had to pay the fine. Its a blessing in disguise that this happened to a Gulf News person who really brought the issue up to the public in the best possible way with the exact photographs & the inspector name. Me being a common man couuldnt have got this issue to what it is now. Hope the RTA realises this as a serious problem & try to fix it ASAP Rgrds

  • ALEX

    Oct 13, 2010 11:31

    I dont trust the inspectors' PDA nor the Mparking, i still have no choice but to use the coins. To make it worse out of 8 meters in a parking lot only 3 work as coins dont get accepted, then you have to run from 1 meter to the other & keep your fingers crossed the inspector doesnt come as you might have been more than 5-8 minutes away from the car.

  • Expatriate

    Oct 13, 2010 11:21

    The mparking service is really getting to the nerves. The authority behind this are closing their eyes on all the issues realated to this. People on the road are really suffering these kind of problems daily due to the lack of effeiciency on these kind of systems provided by the government. I'm sure that if the concerned authority does'nt take action on this, the people directly will come out with action plans. Hope the government looks into this issue ASAP ...

  • Aditi

    Oct 13, 2010 11:00

    I faced a similar situation yesterday when I was wrongly fined, inspite of paying for the parking from 2 differernt phones & getting a confirmation SMS too. What is the solution to dispute the fine in such a case?

  • Rajesh

    Oct 13, 2010 10:26

    I paid for 4 hours ticket through mpark as I did not have enough coins, and waited for few minutes but I did not receive any confirmation. I was in hurry and had no option but to forward the sms once again but in vain. I ended up putting a 1 hour manual ticket and left. After around 30 minutes I received an extension sms for next 8 hours! And then I received 2 "Transacation Failed" sms. Completely confusing! After an hour I arranged the coins, went back to the parking spot (15 minutes from my place) and put another 3 hours ticket

  • Raj

    Oct 13, 2010 9:55

    I did not get the reminder message..Then I had to rush to place the parking ticket..... I once got a fine wherein the car was parked for 4hrs and got a fine. Raised a complaint but no result, they say the fine is correct.....Mparking should be improved or withdrawn..

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Another not-well-planned wide scale implementation.

Paras Tolani

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