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Course in defensive driving for safer roads

Motorists who wish to be safe drivers on the roads can avail of a four-hour course in defensive driving on payment of a minimum of Dh800.

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Four-hour training will teach motorists best practices to ensure safety and how to react during emergencies.
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Dubai: Motorists who wish to be safe drivers on the roads can avail of a four-hour course in defensive driving on payment of a minimum of Dh800.

The Dubai Autodrome launched a road safety campaign under the slogan 'Be smart. Drive safe'.

The campaign, which will start on July 15, aims at educating drivers on safe and the best practices when driving.

Mohammad Al Jumairi, Operations Manager at Dubai Autodrome, said the training course in traffic safety actually costs Dh1,500 for four hours which include theoretical and practical training.

He said the Dh800 price is a promotional offer during the road safety campaign.

Police presence

Badr Al Siri, Director of Traffic Department at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), said 93 per cent of accidents occur as a result of a wrong behaviour by motorists, while 30 per cent of accidents that involve death are caused by new drivers with a driving experience of two years or less.

Major Hamad Bin Hussain, from Dubai Police's Traffic Department, said the traffic safety course teaches motorists how to react during emergencies.

He said police will be present during the training courses to provide information for the trainees.

The emphasis of the 12-week, two-phase campaign will be on making people aware that if they adhere to simple rules of the road, they can help prevent accidents.

The traffic safety training course will help participants understand the importance and application of correct steering technique, vehicle handling dynamics and potential in avoiding obstacles without braking, correct braking and use of anti-lock brake system (ABS) to avoid obstacles, and understand the importance of line of sight.

The first six weeks of the campaign will focus on advertising and poster campaign with provoking tips for motorists.

Focusing on students

The second phase will target Dubai students at university campuses as well as youngsters to urge them to stop reckless driving.

The campaign is organised by Dubai Autodrome along with Dubai Police, RTA, HSBC Bank and Audi.

Accident: Child dies as vehicles collide

A child died in a traffic accident on Saturday. Two cars collided and one car caught fire due to the impact.

The injured were rushed to Al Marfa Hospital.

Victims of another traffic accident were airlifted by the Police Air Wing from Al Marfa Hospital to Zayed Hospital, police said.

The police did not say how many persons were involved in the accident and the extent of their injuries.

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