Abu Dhabi to introduce more routes and buses

Move in view of rising popularity of public transport

Passengers board a bus on Electra street in Abu Dhabi
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Passengers board a bus on Electra street in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday. The public transport network in Abu Dhabi has provided well over 57 million passenger trips this year and plans to scale that figure up to 76 million next year.
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Abu Dhabi: The public bus network in the capital is in for an ambitious expansion that will translate into 120 services and bus stops every 300 metres apart by the end of next year, a senior official said yesterday.

"The Abu Dhabi bus network will be expanded to 120 routes from the present 79 services and stops every 300 metres by the end of next year," said Saeed Al Hameli, general manager of the Bus Office at the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport.

Al Hameli said the public transport network in Abu Dhabi was getting more popular, providing 57 million passenger trips until the beginning of this month — transporting 157,000 passengers a day on average. "Planners envision making 76 million passenger trips next year to transport 210,000 passengers a day on average."

Al Hameli said the new routes planned in Abu Dhabi and its suburbs will ensure that bus stops are spaced just 200-300 metres apart in the city and 500-800 metres apart in the suburbs.

Routes extended

Al Hameli said that, following the re-opening of Al Salam Street, local bus services 006, 011, 044, and 056 would be rerouted to provide better coverage of Madinat Zayed and Al Baladiya areas. In view of road upgrades on Bainunah Street, bus services 008 and 009 had been rerouted in Al Bateen area and to Adnoc headquarters, he added.

He said more buses had been introduced on all routes to improve timings. Local bus services will continue to operate on a 24-hour basis, he added.

Bus services between Abu Dhabi island and the suburbs have been expanded significantly. The new areas served are Saadiyat Island, Zayed University, Masdar City, Khalifa City B, Al Raha Beach, Yas Island North, Al Bahya, Shahama Al Jadeeda, Al Falah, Al Shamkha South, Baniyas North, Al Najda Al Jadeeda, and Mussafah Workers City.

All regional bus services except 161 and 406 will continue to serve existing stops at Khalifa Street, Muroor Road, Bus Station, Airport Road and Zayed Sport City. Buses serving route 406 will not operate to Abu Dhabi downtown, but instead call a final halt at Al Marina via Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street.

Buses will connect Abu Dhabi with Saadiyat Island every 30 minutes to provide access to Manarat Saadiyat exhibition centre and the hotels there.

All bus services to the Northern and Eastern Suburbs will operate via Saadiyat Island Shaikh Khalifa Bridge and Highway. Bus services to Yas Island will be improved. Up to 13 buses per hour will stop at the new transfer stop ‘Yas Island ADDC'. At this stop, passengers may change buses to travel between suburbs where no direct service is available.

3-month trial run

A bus powered by natural gas will operate on a trial basis for three months on route number 5 as part of efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions, said Saeed Al Hameli, general manager of the Bus Office at the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport (DoT).

The bus, which has been specifically designed for use in the GCC countries, signals concerted efforts by DoT to reduce its carbon footprint and cut down on pollution from vehicle emissions across Abu Dhabi while also showcasing Abu Dhabi's vision to be recognised as a global capital city.

The DoT initiative aims to chalk out and implement strategies aimed at achieving zero emission levels in terms of traffic pollutants while acting in a proactive and responsible manner to ensure environment and transportation sustainability in Abu Dhabi.

The experiment will evaluate the use of CNG technologies to drive support for cleaner fuel and technologies for public transport in the emirate.



    Dec 21, 2011 7:40

    i would like to suggest that old route from dubai to abudhabi is more helpful rather than 1 stop at present.I preffer at lest 3 more stop at um al nahar,carrefore and mushrif mall will save more time for people living in between areas and also save time.

  • Umair

    Dec 21, 2011 6:20

    Sharjah do have public transport services its just that its not as organised and frequent as abu dhabi & dubai bus system..

  • Abhilash

    Dec 21, 2011 5:26

    Happy with city services from mussaffa, but not yet considering mussaffa passengers intercity services. to go to al ain, dubai, sharja, etc we are unnecessary traveling to Abu Dhabi City and wasting 1-2 hours. if Al Ain bus is going and coming through mussaffa sector 12 main road it will help a lot of passengers. and if any connection buses from mussaffa or 100 or 102 having any link stop with for DXB, SHJ intercity buses at Um Al Quin or any near place, its will help a lot passengers who ever going there.

  • tamanna

    Dec 21, 2011 5:20

    This is good news indeed. The authorities are providing a great comfort for people to travel all across Abu Dhabi at cheap prices. I would like to suggest or rather request the concerned Authorities to Increase the frequency of buses from suburbs (Mussafah, Baniyas, Shahama). This will ease the hardships of men who are forced to stand all the way with their children .

  • Farzana

    Dec 21, 2011 5:12

    This is very good news. I have been using this bus service since it was started as free service on trial routes. I am regular using this Bus service & very much satisfied with this. I would suggest that male travelers should not be allow to enter from front side. Bus timings should be more punctual. Other wise its perfect service

  • lilia

    Dec 21, 2011 4:53

    This is good news for all of us residents of abu dhabi!!! Bravo!!! Keep up the good work. But I have only one constructive comment... some bus are late in their time. I understand that if there is heavy traffic definitely the bus will be delayed. But take this scenario, when all buses come from marina mall, which is the starting point of almost all the buses. 3 buses # 5 passed by from marina mall along spinney's area, yet no bus for # 11 arrived that time !!! how's is this? I can't say is due to traffic. My suggestion is just keep on track. that's all. but the bottom line, abu dhabi municipality has IMPROVED !!! MABROOK!!!

  • Veena Mathias

    Dec 21, 2011 4:12

    Please can some buses ply from murror road towards mussafah industrial areas 1st corninche road - gms stop - / gasos/& the first roundabout area also from murror to yas islands as we have to go all the way to airport road & with the heavy traffic it is difficult to cross some times then we have to go all the way to carrefour and change buses. It will be nice for the people traveling to work in the morning towards mussafah as it is sometimes it is difficult to get taxis on murror & it is too expensive to travel till these places. Please if some arrangements can be done. Will be very helpful for the old& aged who travel to & fro from there to go to work daily.Thank you & god bless our uae leaders.

  • Faisal

    Dec 21, 2011 3:10

    This is good news for many people in Abu Dhabi. I would like to request an increase in the number of buses on route 102 and 100 for Musaffah Shabiah, as these are the most populated routes. And please give instruction to drivers for don't allows males in ladies compartment, it become very difficult for ladies to travel in crowded times.

  • JV

    Dec 21, 2011 2:53

    I have one suggestion to new service to Air Port Road to Hamdan Street and Murrur Road to Hamdan Street this is a more sufficent for many people and rush will reduce to other services also. Please think this and maybe will get good collection for other services.Thanking You

  • Jose

    Dec 21, 2011 2:47

    I would suggest to have a bus route touching St. Joseph Church from Khalifa St/Hamdan St & Electra Street and return.

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i would like to suggest that old route from dubai to abudhabi is more helpful rather than 1 stop at present.I preffer at lest 3 more stop at um al nahar,carrefore and mushrif mall will save more time for people living in between areas and also save time.


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