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1,402 violations issued for displaying laundry in balconies in Sharjah

The Sharjah Municipality is intensifying their efforts to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the city

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Sharjah: Sharjah Municipality has announced that 1,402 violations have been issued in the first quarter of the year to residents who have violated the rules by displaying laundry or satellite dishes on their windows and balconies in residential buildings in Sharjah.

The municipality has begun to intensify their campaigns to prevent such violations with the aim of maintaining the city’s beauty and appearance.

The General Manager of Sharjah Municipality Riad Abdullah Elian said that the municipality will take strict measures against violators to prevent them from distorting the city’s aesthetic appearance and landscape. Elian also pointed out that the municipality had issued 4,834 violations over the past year, and has continued to carry out regular inspections in residential buildings in the emirate.

Aiming to further Increase their efforts, the municipality has intensified their campaigns by posting up notices in the entrances of buildings to warn residents of the violations before issuing fines. The campaign also included the distribution of pamphlets and brochures in four different languages Arabic, English, Farsi and Hindi across Sharjah to inform the public of the rules and regulations.

Elian explained that residents who use their balconies to hang their laundry or use them as storage space will be issued a fine of Dh250 which should be paid within a week from the date it is issued to avoid further violations. He also urged the public to cooperate by supporting the campaigns and following the rules and procedures to help maintain the cleanliness of the city.

Carrying out the first campaign two years ago, the municipality’s continuous efforts have resulted in the emirate of Sharjah to win the Best Arab City Award in city beautification from the Arab Towns Organisation this year.



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This is a good move by authorities. There should be ban on shesha smoking on balconies also. There have been many incidents of fire because of this practies and yet still people are doing this. In the worst case, there will be loss of lives and money. A kind request to authorities totake strict action against this.


29 May 2013 15:32jump to comments