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Sharjah residents warned over tenancy contracts

Failure to renew documents with municipality will result in electricity disconnection 14 days after deadline.

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Sharjah: Residents who do not renew their tenancy contracts on time may have their electricity disconnected, a municipality official said on Sunday.

"We have the right to disconnect the electricity if tenants do not renew their tenancy contract on time," said Ali Ahmad Saleh, Head of Tenancy Contract Registration Section at Sharjah Municipality.

"All tenants will have a grace period," said Saleh, noting that Sharjah Municipality will only cut the electricity connection for commercial contracts one month after the tenancy contract expires, and 14 days for residential contracts.

Nevertheless, tenants are urged to renew their tenancy contracts with the municipality to avoid being unjustly evacuated by their landlords or having their rents increased.

"Renewing the tenancy contract with the municipality is important because tenants will be within their rights to register a complaint with the Rent Dispute Arbitration Committee," said Saleh, adding that, "it is all done for their own benefit."


Gulf News previously reported that Sharjah issued a law in June 2007 preventing landlords from increasing rent in the first three years from the first signing of the tenancy contract, then one year for any additional increase as determined by the market value of the area.

Authorities at the municipality said that many residents do not renew their contracts on time, and that this new decision to cut the electricity has been very effective as the threat gives tenants a reason to renew their tenancy contracts on time.

Residents have to pay 2 per cent of the tenancy contract to Sharjah Municipality upon renewal. If tenants have not paid from one year to the next, the pending amount will be added to the following year.

Locations: Five offices to serve

Tenants are able to register their tenancy contracts with Sharjah Municipality at the five following municipality branches: Al Qassimia; Al Nasserya; Al Majaz; Al Khalidya and Al Merraija

Timings: from 7.30am-2pm from Sunday to Thursday and from 8am-12pm on Saturday.