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Four Northern Emirates medical facilities shut

Misleading medical practices and noncompliance of legal requirements alleged

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Dubai: The UAE Ministry of Health (MOH) has closed three medical centres and a private hospital in the Northern Emirates.

The facilities will remain closed for 60 days.

Three malpractice cases were also reviewed during the medical liability committee meeting that takes place twice a month. The meeting was chaired by Dr Salem Al Darmaki, Acting Undersecretary, along with Dr Ameen Hussain Al Amiri, Assistant Undersecretary for Medical Practices and Licensing.

The facilities were closed on the grounds of misleading medical practices and noncompliance of legal requirements.

Under legal provision, the names of the facilities cannot be disclosed.

Speaking to Gulf News, Dr Al Amiri said that two centres did not complete the legal requirements such as documentation and licenses while the third centre was operating without a licensed professional. “In all three centres, the practice is illegal. In the third centre, a physiotherapy speciality, the professional wasn’t a physiotherapist.”

He explained that such decisions for closure are routine when violations are reported. “Medical centres are closed for the mandatory 60-day period while hospitals can appeal if the areas of violation are remedied before 60 days. However, the committee can extend the closure period for both medical centres and hospitals depending on the violations,” he said.

Of the malpractice cases, Dr Al Amiri said that two related to dentistry and one to exceeding the scope of privileges granted. “A practitioner should provide services within the scope of his qualification and work in the facilities he or she is licensed.”

He emphasised that the strict licensing procedures not only protect human life but ensure that the country is recognised for its implementation of international guidelines. “The medical licensing committee ensures that policies are followed. Cases are reviewed and referred to the higher committee if needed,” he said.

Following the hospital closure, provisions to transfer some of the hospital patients were made under the supervision of the Sharjah Medical District.