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Dubai Police fight obesity among their ranks

One of the 45 police participants of weight-loss programme loses 40kg in four months

Image Credit: Supplied
Corporal Jasem Shambeah before and after the police weight-loss programme.
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Dubai: Dubai Police are not only tackling criminals and reckless drivers in the city, they are also encouraging their force to fight obesity.

The weight-loss programme they launched for their personnel showed up impressive participation and results.

Corporal Jasem Shambeah, the biggest ‘loser’ in the weight-loss programme, shed 40kg of weight in four months.

“My weight was 142kg. When I came to know of the anti-obesity programme [in the force], I decided to change my lifestyle, lose weight and become a healthy person. I joined the programme and followed the instructions of the trainer for four months and managed to lose 40kg. I’m happy with what I have achieved,” Corporal Shambeah told Gulf News.

He initiated a regimen of going to the gym and organising healthy meals at specific timings helped him lose weight. “It was a challenge for me but I followed the instructions. I appreciate Dubai Police for starting such an initiative for us.”

Moza, a policewoman, also participated in the programme and lost 15kg within three months.

“The start of the weight-loss regimen was hard on me as I would feel tired all the time, but I continued the hard work, practised sports and organised my [healthy meals] until I lost 15kg. I feel proud of the results and am grateful to Dubai Police for encouraging women to join the anti-obesity programme,” Moza said.

Major-General Mohammad Saeed Al Merri, director of the Community Happiness Department at Dubai Police, honoured the 45 participants in the obesity programme at the Officers Club in Al Garhoud recently.

“Sport and exercise are a priority in the police force as fitness and health is the basis of success,” Maj-Gen Al Merri said. “I admire the determination of the people who participated in the anti-obesity programme and succeeded in losing weight and regaining their health. It is a big challenge to reach the proper weight because it needs motivation and a strong will.”

Police said they are ready to help any police officer who wants to fight obesity and that their programmes continue round the clock for anyone wanting to join in.