UAE National ID card application and renewal can now be done online

Currently available for Emiratis, expatriates in the UAE can use facility in two months

  • The online process will save people time and money
    The online process will save people time and money. When it becomes fully operational, the typing centres willImage Credit: Supplied
  • The online process will save people time and money
    ID card-holders will be able to renew theircards online at home withoutthe need to visit a typingcentre Image Credit: Arshad Ali/Gulf News
21 Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: Residents who apply for national ID cards online using a credit card will be able to save the Dh30 typing fee.

The online application ( was test-launched on Thursday for Emiratis. Expatriates will be able to use the online application within two months.

Moreover, ID card-holders will be able to renew their cards online at home without the need to visit a typing centre or Emirates Identity Authority's (Emirates ID) registration centres, a top official told Gulf News.

Only those card-holders whose fingerprints are not clear on Emirates ID's system will have to visit the Emirates ID registration centre to have their fingerprints taken again to renew the cards, said Dr Ali Al Khoury, Director-General of Emirates ID.

But only two per cent of ID card-holders have unclear fingerprints and the system will notify them while applying online for renewal, he added. Mainly professionals who come into contact with chemicals, the elderly and construction workers have unclear fingerprints, he said.

Those people and applicants for a new card will be able to choose an appointment online to visit an Emirates ID registration centre to complete the process by having their fingerprints and photograph taken.

Saving money

At present, the pre-registration process, which includes filling an application form, having documents scanned and paying a fee is done at certified typing centres. That process can be done online.

Apart from the card fee, currently there is a Dh70 extra fee, which includes the Dh30 typing fee.

Online applicants can save the Dh30 typing fee, Dr Al Khoury said. Credit card companies may charge a minor fee which may be at least 1.5 per cent of the total amount for using the credit card, he added.

For example, an expatriate with a residence visa valid for two years has to pay Dh270 at typing centres for the pre-registration process. This includes a Dh200 card fee for two years (Dh100 per year) and Dh70 extra charges including application and administration charges. But they only have to pay Dh240 online.

Online applicants can print out their receipt which will mention the appointment to visit an Emirates ID registration centre. They can scan their original passport and any other documents to upload on the system.

When the online application system becomes operational, typing centres will cater to people like labourers who may not have access to the internet, Dr Al Khoury said.


  • huma

    04-Jan-2012 19:02

    after a long que my husband present his id card in imigration office instead of labour card they refuse id card"i cant understand they must start using id card now

  • Lakshminarayanan

    04-Jan-2012 18:28

    This should be welcomed by one and all. Good initiatve by EIIDA

  • Syam Ramachandran

    04-Jan-2012 17:50

    This is the good effort by EIDA.But i have a doubt why we unnecessary paying courier charges for EIDA , Noramally people are collecting their id cards from post office they are not delivering...... so please cancel the AED 40 Courier charges.


    04-Jan-2012 16:11

    How about those without credit cards, they can use the debit cards used for our salary.Thanks and awaiting for your advise.

  • Raul

    04-Jan-2012 14:23

    I have had this card for 4 years now and used it only to collect my couriers nothing else.

  • Mathew Philip

    04-Jan-2012 12:26

    Being able to type my own application is a great blessing, thank you EID. Earlier, I have been to number of typing centres where the typists exhibit arrogance and not accept for typing. Also, they insist on me depositing my passport with them to get form typed, giving possibility that they may take unauthorised copy of my passport that could be misused.

  • John

    04-Jan-2012 11:59

    They should have done this befor the deadlines of other emirates. It's not fair for others to pay typing fees and others to get away with it.

  • Shahid Razzaq

    04-Jan-2012 11:55

    This is one of the many steps towards documentation of economy; Ideally UAE National Card should eventually emerge into a smart card covering following services:- (though much technological input is required)Identification Card (which this is as of now)Labour CardMedical Insurance CardE-Gate CardDriving LicenseUtilities ServicesCredit CardDebit CardMembership cardLoyalty CardA Unique number (Visible Number + Password) can embark all above cards. All linked to one central data warehouseI am confident that UAE would be the first to achieve this target in developed world.

  • Abdul Jaleel MV

    04-Jan-2012 11:28

    I can’t understand why the previous version of online application was stopped and why this much is charging for domestic postal delivery?

  • Sheeraz Babar

    04-Jan-2012 11:27

    I was wiating for this news, so that i can apply for my children ID online.Lets hope that within two month time, online system is ready for expatriates also.

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after a long que my husband present his id card in imigration office instead of labour card they refuse id card"i cant understand they must start using id card now


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