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UAE condemns Iranian visit to islands

Foreign Ministry strongly condemns visit of Iranian officials to three UAE islands

An aerial view of the Abu Mousa island
Image Credit: Supplied picture
An aerial view of the Abu Mousa island.
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Abu Dhabi: The Foreign Ministry has strongly denounced the visit to the UAE’s three islands carried out by a delegation of Iran’s Shura Council.

The ministry stressed that such a visit is considered a flagrant violation of the UAE’s sovereignty of its lands, and such an action undermines all exerted efforts to reach a peaceful solution through bilateral negotiations or referring the case to the International Court of Justice.

The ministry emphasised that such visits, which are carried out by Iranian officials every now and then, will not change historic and legal facts that prove that the islands belong to the UAE, and does not deny the fact that these islands are under Iranian occupation.

The ministry said that the UAE has historical ties with Iran, and is always keen to further enhance them and eliminate all obstacles that these relations face.

It said that Iran’s continued occupation of the three islands affects the region’s security and stability, pointing out that the region, more than ever, requires peace and stability, especially in view of current exceptional circumstances.

The ministry added that the UAE reiterates its call to the Iranian government to stop such continued provocative violations and unjustified escalations, and to resort to solving the issue through the international legal system, which will set up good neighbourly relations between the UAE and Iran and bring back security and stability to the Arabian Gulf.