Online system to enhance municipal emergency responses

New e-system will allow better coordination between municipal responders and also archive relevant information

Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: In a bid to ensure rapid and effective response to emergencies, the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City today (September 18) launched an online system that will record relevant information about response efforts, and allow easier coordination between responders.

The online service is part of the municipality’s Emergencies, Crises and Disasters Management system, which is used to organise all municipal responses in the capital. It is linked to the dedicated 993 hotline, through which residents can report emergencies and other matters of concern to the municipality.

In a statement sent today (September 18), the municipality said that the new e-system will link all municipal branches and workers assigned to handle an emergency, and it will also archive all reported cases along with details about the procedures and equipment to resolve them. In addition, the system will also allow responders to calculate the costs of rescue efforts so that resources can be effectively obtained and used.

There is also a set of online maps that can allow responders to spot areas affected in an emergency, thus ensuring quicker deployment to the location. Responders will also receive regular updates via text message as they work to resolve crises.

The statement added that the municipality aims to develop its emergency response capacities so that residents can be assured of the highest security and safety standards at all times. To that end, the e-system is currently being evaluated to assess its efficiency and to ascertain if further updates are required.

In addition, the municipality has adopted a preventive-predictive approach to crises, disasters and emergencies so that pre-emptive action is taken to minimise their negative impacts. Earlier this year, in February, the municipality inaugurated a dedicated operations room for the management of all responses to calls received through the 993 hotline. As reported by Gulf News, the control room is located at the municipality’s headquarters on Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Street.

During the torrential rains that wreaked havoc in the capital in March, the municipality announced that it received nearly 500 calls about waterlogging, property damage and other concerns. Residents are also regularly urged to report their concerns using the hotline, including instances where they spot others damaging property, or undertaking illegal activities like slaughtering animals outside the designated abattoirs during Eid.