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Hamdan launches Government Policy Guide

Hamdan Bin Mohammad launches comprehensive Government Policy Guide

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Dubai: A comprehensive “Government Policy Guide” aiming to explain the process of enacting government policies was launched yesterday by Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council.

The guide reveals seven phases for developing government policies, which are determining the need for policy and laying out a framework, developing and analysing the policy based on evidences, establishing a policy change theory, identifying and evaluating policy options, designing the policy and devising an implementation plan, monitoring, evaluating and revising the policy and engaging stakeholders.

The guide will help public bodies develop, implement and evaluate the impacts and effectiveness of policies to support the decision-making process and materialise the objectives of Dubai Plan 2021. it will be a turning point in the area of government policy-making based on elements and criteria of happiness and social well-being.

Speaking ion the occasion, Shaikh Hamdan said the concept of happiness has become a social value the UAE people are proud of, hence, the government action should be in line with this value so as to ensure its dissemination among the community.

He further said that the happiness of people and achieving their well being have become not only a way of life but also a government commitment that is being backed by polices and tools.

“Spreading happiness among people has become the single most important duty for the government and we want Dubai government to be creative in innovating its plans, policies, services and programmes to ensure the happiness of the entire community.

We have issued instructions to use the “Government Policy Guide” as a key reference for the government work in the next period and as a fundamental tool to develop and measure happiness during all phases of developing and setting polices”, Shaikh Hamdan pointed out.

“Mapping out government policies entails innovation, forecasting the future and prioritising the needs of the community in the first place”, Shaikh Hamdan added.

The guide has been developed based on instructions by Shaikh Hamdan to Dubai Executive Council and in consultations with public entities. It includes self-assessment tools for each chapter with operational models explaining the process of developing policies in a manner that helps experts to implement it smoothly and effectively.