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Emirates ID system to be revamped

Identity Card (ID) applicants can easily make an appointment from this week as the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) is revamping the appointment system.

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Abu Dhabi: Identity Card (ID) applicants can easily make an appointment from this week as the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) is revamping the appointment system.

The revamp will open a year-long calendar (for appointments), increase the number of centres handling applicants and allocate more capacity for registration for appointments, a senior official told Gulf News.

The applicants will also be able to track the status of their applications online, said Thamer Rashid Al Qasimi, Planning Director and Project Management Director at EIDA.


"The revamping of the appointment system, online tracking system and a new version of user-friendly pre-registration application software are the latest steps taken by EIDA to make the ID card registration easier."

An appointment system on trial opened at the beginning of January and the bookings were full within a week, said the official. "We had allocated about 20 per cent of the registration capacity of about ten centres for appointments."

Appointments were made by expatriate professionals and Emiratis whose deadlines are February and March 31, 2009, respectively, he said.

More centres

EIDA will open the yearlong calendar of 2009 for appointments soon, said Al Qasimi.

More centres will handle the appointment system instead of about ten centres (out of a total 28) at present and more than 50 per cent of the registration capacity will be allocated to handling appointments, he said.

"We will rely more on the appointment system than on walk-in registration," he said. He requested the applicants to keep to the time frame allocated for each category of expatriates.

The new system will give relief to many residents who have been waiting for an appointment, said the official. Many residents complained that they failed to get an appointment even after trying for several days. "I have been trying since December without any luck," said J.H., a Gulf News reader in Dubai.

Some of them suggested giving appointments throughout the year. "Why not give appointments even if it is after six months?" asked Mohammad Faizan, a Gulf News reader in Al Qusais.


The online tracking system will be operational within a month, said Al Qasimi.

"With the online tracking system, the applicants can find out the status of their card [after registration] - whether it is at the verification stage, print, packaging or has been handed over to Empost for delivery."

EIDA has introduced a more user friendly pre-registration application to smoothen the registration process, said Al Qasimi.

It is already available on the EIDA website (, he said.


He made it clear that the existing software, which was introduced in November 2008, is still valid and working well.

"About 50 other websites have been hosting the software and we have sent the new software to them also," said the official.

"The new software has more guidelines on filling out the application."

The form includes more countries (of expatriates) and various areas in the UAE which will make filling out easier, said Al Qasimi.

Key steps: Three modules

ID card registration process made easier with three new systems

Revamping appointment system

Year-long calendar of 2009 will open within a week (calendar to March 31 was fully booked)

More than 50 per cent of total registration on appointment system (at present just 20 per cent).

More centres (of total 28) will host appointment system (at present about 10 centres host it)

Online tracking system

  • Applicants can track the status of ID card after registration.
  • The system will tell one whether it is at verification stage, print, packaging or has been handed over to Empost for delivery.
  • It will be operational within a month.
  • New version of pre-registration software
  • Already available on EIDA website (
  • More user-friendly with more guidelines to fill out application forms.
  • More countries and areas in the UAE added for easy filling out.
  • The existing pre-registration application remains valid.

Your comments

What positive outcome does actually the empost system have? Most people who have sent their applications through empost had to stand in line for about 6-7 hours just to get in the centres.
Furqan Samdani
Posted: January 18, 2009, 17:19

I tried the link they mentioned but its not working as usual.
Posted: January 18, 2009, 17:16

Shiju John, we've faced the same problem. We have applied in December, and no reply yet.
Posted: January 18, 2009, 17:14

We applied (family of 5, 2 adults, 3 children) in November (AED40/application). Recently 2 envelopes are returned for 1x adult and 1x kid urging us to go straight to nearest centre to continue the process! ALL Were submitted at the same yet only 2 are returned!!! How useful is that!
Posted: January 18, 2009, 15:09

I am unable to download the Form, as the file is taking very long to upload into my system, may be due to version of Acrobat Reader which is not available. I have laptop with Vista operating system. There also I am not able to down load. Please advice.
Pratima Bisht
Posted: January 18, 2009, 14:49

i have sent my application via post office(deira,dubai) as of November but i am yet to hear anything about appointment date? or even to know if it did arrive its destination. how do we do that? or otherwise the form at 40.00 dhs will go to waste. Thanks a lot.
Posted: January 18, 2009, 14:47

As more centres are going to host the appointment system the procedure of getting an online appointment may get easier and quicker. Yet, with the number of people yet to register, professional expatriates may not get appointment by February end and will have to register in March or April. Anyway, the decision to revamp the appointment system with online tracking has come as a relief.
Naina Nair
Posted: January 18, 2009, 14:42

I have collected my new ID Card and please I need to find out what we should do with the password that was given to us at the ID card centre.
Seah Ai Lee
Posted: January 18, 2009, 13:43

Positive steps. However, we need to see more centers open for public on Saturdays and for extended hours daily. Example: Rashidiyah-Dubai works 7:30AM to 2:30PM, Sunday to Thursday only. All the best!
Posted: January 18, 2009, 13:22

Over time, EIDA authorities have been introducing many improvements in the registration process. However, these improvements were not enough to handle the large number of applicants. I hope this time, applicants find it easier to register and get their ID cards.
Syed Faiz Jalal
Abu Dhabi,UAE
Posted: January 18, 2009, 12:40

This is positive step taken by EIDA, however many people who have already pre registered on the websites should be contacted through eida on their e-mails or on mobile or tel nos to give them first priority,
Mohammad Asif Awan
Abu Dhabi,UAE
Posted: January 18, 2009, 12:02

We have applied through Post office paying 40 Dirhams on last Nov,But there is no response till now.So what should we do?,How will we get the Appointment.
Shiju John
Posted: January 18, 2009, 11:04