'We'll be in the UAE for summer'

For those who stay in the country, there are well-organised activities to keep them comfortable.

  • Mariam Al Zarouni
    Mariam Al ZarouniImage Credit: Supplied
  • Mariam Al Zarouni
    Nasser Al MansouriImage Credit: Supplied
Gulf News

Dubai: It's summer, that time of the year when most people pack their bags and escape from the heat here as temperatures soar to more than 45 degree Celsius and life in the outdoors is unbearable.

Then there are others who prefer to stay put and make themselves cool with various options available in the UAE.

For those who stay in the country, there are well-organised activities to keep them comfortable.

Gulf News spoke to a number of emiratis and expats on what is so special about summer in the country.

Dubai Municipality employee Emirati Mariam Al Zarouni said she loved spending summer in the UAE and found it interesting to tour the emirates and take advantage of what the holidays offer.

"I love to remain in the UAE during summer," she said.

"In fact there are series of fun stuff such as staying in Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah's hotels and having a relaxing time at the number of the resorts and spas.

"The malls in Dubai have it all, where everybody can effortlessly enjoy a full day with family or friends by shopping, skating, having a coffee, watching movies, having meals at the various restaurants. We also have interesting art galleries."

Regarding the heat she said: "Well, I agree we have an extra dose of heat in the UAE, but even in Europe in this time of the year it is hot as well, and frankly, safety is not up to the level over there".

Asked for what reasons she would change her mind and travel abroad, she said: "I'll travel to see the snow during winter, because in the UAE it doesn't snow, or for treatment if the level of the treatment sought is not available in the UAE," she said.

"Other than that I'd like to save myself the hassles of travelling as I feel safe in my country."

Emirati photographer Nasser Al Mansouri said he liked to tour the emirates during summer with his constant companion — his camera — to capture the colourful events.

"UAE has delightful activities during summer, where I can shoot a colourful parade in Dubai," Al Mansouri said.

"Summer in emirates is my favourite and is the highlight for me where my camera comes face to face with new forms of entertainments and performers.

Mira Al Khatheri, an Emirati who works in the banking sector said: "I used to travel abroad every summer since the last eight years, but lately I am no longer feeling up to it".

"Besides, nowadays there are a number of dazzling entertainment available in the UAE, especially for the summer surprises," Al Khatheri said.

American expatriate Suzan Patrick said she was also not going home this summer.

Last year she invited her inlaws and they enjoyed their trip her very much.

This year she has joined the Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre.

"They have such a rich programme for the summer," she said.

Emirati Ali Al Mutawa, a former Dubai government employee said: "I think we can have a good time in the UAE, because everything is available here".

"Not to mention the rest of interesting activities to experience throughout the UAE which suit all budgets. Last year I paid a fortune to travel to Europe."