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TRA bans offensive Facebook page in UAE

The creator of the 'God and Prophets' Site' claims to be a god, official says

A screenshot of the offensive webpage
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A screenshot of the offensive webpage.
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Abu Dhabi: The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) instructed all internet service providers in the UAE to block a specific site on Facebook that is insulting to God, the prophets and Islam.

"TRA received numerous calls and complaints from internet users  expressing their anger against unidentified people who created a site on Facebook that is offending to God, prophets, messengers, the Holy Quran and even to  all God's books," said Mohammad Al Ganem, TRA General Manager.

"The creator of this site which he named ‘God and Prophets' Site', attributes divinity to himself and spreads distorted writing pretending they are verses from the Quran. He also declared writing  a new book  falsifying himself as a god. He spreads talk that is insulting to the prophets and to their holy stature. This is considered to be a felony according to the federal law."

He called on internet users to be cautious and to report offences. "[The] internet is too vast to be controlled daily. There are unethical racists everywhere who do not recognise or honour religions or values. They intentionally spread what destroys the country's symbols and values, and we should not spare any effort to combat them fiercely," said Al Ganem.

Yesterday, a group of internet surfers launched a campaign asking people to boycott Facebook starting from March 20 if Facebook administrators did not block this site immediately.

The group is especially calling for Muslims and Christians to take part in this action pushing for the blocking of this site as they did previously in a similar situation.

Ahmad Bin Ali, etisalat's Vice-President of Corporate Communications, said, "Once we receive the instructions from TRA, we will order the operators to block this offensive webpage."

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NOT a smart move at all. By doing this u are giving importance to this. we All know God doesn't have a facebook account.This block and website means nothing to a believer.

Dany Mrad

16 March 2010 15:17jump to comments