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Skills of social media and public speaking discussed

Two workshops to enhance skills of people working in media

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Sharjah: The first day of the Sharjah Government Communication Forum (GCF 2013) included two workshops.

In the first one, titled “Public speaking: how to get your message across”, participants were taught the aspects of delivering an effective public presentation, as the ability to deliver a speech is a vital tool for senior officials who have the important role of communicating their messages to the public and to specialist groups.

The workshop shared with participants the secrets to producing powerful, clear speeches in both English and Arabic, as well as highlighting similarities and differences between the two.

The trainers were David Hardaker, Head of Media Development at twofour54, and Fahd Hussain, Executive Consultant at twofour54 tadreeb.

The second workshop was titled “Introduction to Social Media for Communications”. Combining international best practices with local case studies, this course provided government entities an overview of social media as well as guidance to ensuring operational success.

Also, it shed light on government use of social media as a means to regularly connect with citizens, residents, visitors and any other members of the public.

The workshop was taught by Social Media expert Khalid Akbik.

On the last day, Monday, two more workshops are planned — on government and media relations and press conference management.