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Lectures on chiropractic medicine to be held

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In conjunction with the first anniversary of its Abu Dhabi clinic, the Chiropractic Specialty Clinics will host a series of lectures on chiropractic medicine between October 6 and 8.

The event will feature an international panel of multi-disciplinary medical specialists in chiropractic healthcare.

The panel will be touring the larger medical hospitals and clinics in the region in an ongoing effort to educate the local medical community about chiropractic methods.

"Chiropractice is a non-drug and non-surgical health profession. Disk problems, sports injuries, headaches can be treated without medicines or surgery," said Dr Troy Amdahl, Chief Executive Officer of the Abu Dhabi clinic.

The Abu Dhabi chiropractic clinic was opened one year ago, as a multi-clinic and multi-nation venture whose mission is to introduce chiropractic medicine to selected under-served regions of the world.

The UAE prototype clinic recently became the first chiropractic clinic recognised and licensed by the UAE Ministry of Health. Another two clinics will be opened in Al Ain and Dubai soon.

"Chiropractic medicine is a healthy alternative for the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal conditions. It is gaining particular attention among the local community," said Amdahl.

"We first introduced chiropractic healthcare to many citizens of the Gulf region in Rochester, Minnesota, a leading healthcare destination in the U.S. It was because of our many positive experiences with the people of the Gulf region that we decided to focus on the UAE and opened our first centre here."

Chiropractic care optimises the nerve function and, since the nervous system controls virtually every cell of the body, it can heal different types of disorders.

The most commonly treated ailment are back pain, disc problems, tension, muscle spasms, sports injuries and headaches. Amdahl stressed the importance of involving the local medical community in an effective and constant collaboration to better serve the patients.

"We look forward to establishing a framework in which specialists belonging to different disciplines can cooperate for the benefit of the public."

Chiropractice can solve many health problems but of course it doesn't cover the whole spectrum of healthcare. Amdahl is also involved in educational initiatives in schools by publishing medical articles in school magazines.

He said: "Some simple and correct behaviour can sometimes help prevent some disturbances such as disc problems, neck pain, headaches and others. Thus, for example, we suggest the children adopt some ergonomic positions when sitting and not to carry excessive weight on their shoulders, such as in their school bags."

One of the several objectives unveiled by Amdahl is that of extending medical care, and in particular chiropractice, also to those who cannot afford to pay for medical treatments.

"This can happen only with the help and cooperation of other professionals, whom I hope to involve in this long term project. Chiropractice is not meant to be an exclusive field of medicine reserved for a few people, but to be extended to everyone."

In the UAE, more and more youngsters are approaching chiropractic as a field of study and specialisation.

"This medicine is attracting young doctors and students who ask to know more about chiropractice. We provide them with useful information about where to carry out their studies," he said.