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Expansion of e-services planned

October marks the second anniversary of Dubai Municipality's interactive website which is continuing to expand.

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Dubai Municipality's interactive website.
October marks the second anniversary of Dubai Municipality's interactive website which is continuing to expand.

Some 56 e-services are now provided to residential and business customers, as well as a directory of services carrying information about 263 services. The site,, was launched in October 2001.

Qassim Sultan, Director General of the municipality, said the e-government project has achieved great success, fulfiling its strategic objectives and priorities.

He identified these objectives as reducing the time taken to deliver various civic services, improving internal processes where possible, providing tangible savings for the customer and the municipality, introducing the latest technology, and increasing customer satisfaction.

"The launch of these e-Services has made the civic procedures easier for the public as the statistics prove. So far, more than 200,000 online transactions have been carried out on the portal," he said.

No Objection Certificates for information, for projects relating to laying of service networks, for excavation, traffic diversions, trial trenches, building permits, power supplies from the street lighting, advertisements hoarding, for road signs.

The online facilities also include services from Dubai Central Laboratory providing a range of tests and certificates to maintain high standards in the construction industry, the hospitality and catering sector, the agricultural community and the food import and production sector.

For example, the Food Test Results service allows people to apply online for tests to be carried out on imported food products and check the status of the test request and receive test results.

The Block Certificate service is aimed at serving concrete plants operating in the city of Dubai.

The Equipment Calibration service is primarily aimed at serving the private laboratories operating in Dubai.

There are five types of Food Control Health Certificates - Export Health Certificate, GCC Export Health Certificate, New Food Label Approval, Radiation Test Certificate, and Food Destruction Certificate.

Dubai Municipality issues two certificates relating to clinical health - the Medical Certificate and an Occupational Health Card.

Three types of Veterinary Health Certificates exist - Import Animal or Veterinary Items Inspection Release Certificate, Animal or Veterinary Items Export Health Certificate, and Veterinary Health Certificate.

The One-Stop Inspection and Fine Results Inquiry Service has a wide list of client organisations which are regularly inspected by Dubai Municipality.

The Online Statistical Information Service is a simple user-friendly interface through which users or researchers can search for and obtain copies of statistical reports published by the Statistics Centre.

The Building service application provides contractors, consultants and service agents within Dubai with the facility to submit online different types of requests within the building sector and also allows them to track the status of these requests online.

Customers can also go online to find information on: the Public Library service, the Geographical Information System, the Parking Fines Inquiry Service, the Revenue Collection Service, the Recruitment Service, the Hazardous Waste Disposal Service, Drainage and Irrigation, the Online Study and Research service, the Inquiry Service for Viewing Geographical Map of Plots, an SMS Service informing registered users of business events, the Demarcation Service.

The Dubai Municipality Plans service allows nationals to apply for a site plan or a plan for granted land or owned land.

Few salient online services
* No Objection Certification (NOC)
* Dubai Central Laboratory Engineering Materials Test Results
* Dubai Central Laboratory Food Test Results
* Dubai Central Laboratory Block Certificate
* Dubai Central Laboratory Sand Certificate
* Dubai Central Laboratory Equipment Calibration
* Food Control Health Certificates
* Dubai Municipality Clinic Health Certificates
* Veterinary Health Certificates
* One-Stop Inspection and Fine Results Inquiry
* Online Statistical Information
* Building Services
* Dubai Public Library
* Geographical Information System
* Parking Fines Inquiry
* Revenue Collection
* Recruitment Services
* Hazardous Waste Disposal
* Dubai Municipality Plans
* Drainage and Irrigation services
* Demarcation Service
* Import and Re-export Certificates
* Inquiry Service for Viewing Geographical Map of Plots
* Online Study and Research
* Directory of Services
* SMS Service and Registration of Companies and Individuals