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Emirates Post eases ID card rush

Complimentary bulk deliveries help shorten queues at post offices

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ID cards are dispatched the same day to companies when there are at least 10 deliveries to be made to that address.
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Abu Dhabi: A system introduced by Emirates Post whereby it offers complimentary delivery of national ID cards to offices has helped reduce queues at post offices across the country to collect the cards.

“We arrange office delivery of national ID cards if the number of cards received from Emirates Identity Authority [Emirates ID] addressed to the company under one post box number crosses 10 on a single day,” a senior executive of Emirates Post told Gulf News on Sunday.

Once the minimum delivery criterion is ensured, the ID cards are dispatched the same day to the company concerned, said Ebrahim Bin Karam, chief commercial officer of Emirates Post Group.

Emirates Post, the public sector company running the post offices across the country, is solely responsible for the distribution of national ID cards. The ID card applicants receive a text message once their cards are ready to collect them from a particular post office.

The new system was introduced a few months ago and has considerably reduced the crowds at post offices, Bin Karam said. “If the number of cards addressed to one company is less than 10, we deposit the cards in the company’s PO Box,” he said.

Asked whether employees of a particular company or companies themselves must approach Emirates Post with requests to avail of the delivery facility, he replied: “This is a complimentary service from Emirates Post for companies that have a large number of ID cards to be delivered. As mentioned above, this service is available only when the number of cards to be delivered is more than 10. We also have another option for corporates — the EZmail service. Companies can subscribe to this service — they can have all their mail delivered to their doorstep.”

Asked if employees of a company seeking to avail the special service would have to register together or within a few days, he said the chances of their cards being issued at once were subject to the rate of production of ID cards by Emirates ID.

“And when the cards are sent to Emirates Post, even if the employees of one company register on the same day, it does not mean that all cards will be received at Emirates Post on the same day because factors like security check of information and card production need to be taken into consideration,” Bin Karam said.

About 720,000 ID cards have been delivered to offices since the complimentary delivery service was introduced by Emirates Post.

“Also, the number of employees who have to take off from offices to collect their cards has been reduced. However, companies are advised to send only one PRO [public relations officer] to collect all cards on behalf of their employees, provided the PRO has the original receipts and identification of each employee,” Bin Karam added.



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I realised that one reason for the delay in delivery of the ID card is due to typing centres typing the wrong contact number and PO box numbers. Sometimes the applicants are not getting their cards at all. We are looking forward to Emirates ID allowing applicants to apply online, likemost developed countries. In the begining Emirates ID had that facility, which is discontinued now

Azad Parvez

5 November 2012 15:10jump to comments