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Dewa urges residents to save energy during peak hours

Peak load hours are from noon to 5pm during summer months

Remember to switch off those lights this summer
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Dubai: This summer, it won’t hurt if you put off ironing or washing your clothes in the morning or in the evening.

Doing this will not only help decrease consumption of fuel needed for power generation, but will also help lessen the strain human activities cause to the environment.

Between noon to 5pm—or the peak load hours—during the summer months, using any electrical appliances and devices will mean that Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) will have to increase its power generation capacity during these hours. Hence, more fuel is consumed and more greenhouse gases are emitted into the air.

In order to bust this unnecessary problem, Dewa has launched the ‘Peak Load Campaign’ urging residential and commercial consumers to reduce their high levels of electricity and water consumption during the summer months.

“We rolled out the Peak Load Campaign as part of Dubai Government’s environmental strategy to achieve sustainable development and to reinforce Dewa’s role in raising public awareness. Through our current campaign, Dewa aims to encourage responsible behaviour and shared responsibility among our residential consumers in terms of electricity and water consumption and reduce the threat of global warming,” Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, Dewa Managing Director and CEO, said.

Limiting the use of home appliances such as electric irons, washing and dryer machines, dishwashers, water heaters, and electric ovens during off-peak hours will contribute greatly to this cause.

Air-conditioning systems in homes and establishments account for 60 per cent of the load during peak time consumption. If, for example, residents and companies were to set their ACs from 20C to either 23C or 24C during peak hours, this will result to a reduced energy consumption and lower electricity bills, not to mention saving thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions .

The campaign also targets commercial and industrial customers to shift their less-critical energy operations from peak times to off-peak hours.



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As an expact I do not have a home of my own in Abu Dhabi, so rented a 1BHK. During winter my utility bill always fall below AED 50/month but when I started to switch ON my air condition (centralized) the meter reading crossed AED 200.After talking with ADDC for help the only word they conveyed me was as follows "They will send a technical expert to check whether my meter is working properly. If that is working fine I will have to pay AED 50 as technician fees". I know very well that my meter is working absolutely fine that it will not require the chill out of my AC.The problem is with the something else in that building, held at roof top. Contacting my real estate broker (office) was also in vein. No one to help my situation.What can I do at this situation (other than changing the apartment, which itself is beyond 65K/year).I have always conveyed to any one never to waste Water, electricity and food and here I am in this situation...

Ansaf M

1 July 2012 18:29jump to comments