Crow attacks terrify Dubai’s Discovery Gardens residents

People wary of aerial assault after angry bird ‘beaks’ scores in bustling community

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Crow scare: Ashutosh Sandhir showing bruises left by the crow. Sandhir is among several Discovery Gardens residents who have been attacked in recent weeks

Dubai: An angry bird is forcing Discovery Gardens residents to run for cover. Literally.

Scores have been attacked by a single crow in recent weeks, residents of the bustling community told XPRESS. Almost all attacks have taken place near a car park opposite the West Zone Supermarket near the first roundabout.

“I have seen at least six to seven people get ‘beaked’ by the big black bird. It’s definitely one particular bird that does it all the time,” said Indian expatriate Satyam Singh Tomer who lives in the area.

His friend Ashutosh Sandhir, who was attacked last week, recalled: “I was walking back from the car park it came out of nowhere and swooped down upon me, grazing my neck. I saw a chemist immediately who then prescribed a lotion. Thankfully it wasn’t infectious.” 

Fear of infection

Dr Reza Khan, specialist in wildlife and zoo management in the Public Parks and Horticulture Department, Dubai Municipality, doesn’t rule out the possibility of infections following a crow attack.

“These common house crows scavenge on anything and everything from refuse around human habitations to carcasses of small animals on streets. They usually don’t bite, but because of the nature of the food they eat, they can sometimes be carriers of infection,” says Dr Khan.

Another victim Prantosh Naha said he was attacked four times in a span of three months. “The other day I saw the crow target a group of ladies. One of them was carrying food, but every time I have been attacked I had nothing on hand, except a bag,” said the 42-year-old Indian who lives in a building right in front of the crow’s ‘ambush point’.

“It looks like a case of mistaken identity. Someone resembling one of the victims must have caused harm to the bird and now it’s attacking people to seek revenge,” said Khan.

He weighed another possibility. “Birds often get protective about their nests. It could be that there is a nest somewhere close by.”

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  • Rohit

    13-Jun-2013 10:46

    I have been beaked by the crow exactly at same location. Near West Zone.And once it beaked, it was not satisfied. It kept coming back untill I totally evaded it's vision!

  • Laxmi Nair

    13-Jun-2013 10:16

    Chances are that the crow has a nest somewhere closeby. Considering the layout of the place, it could be in one of the bushes along the side of the road. Birds are intelligent creatures but not vengeful to rememberwho tried to hurt them and track them down later. Please give the bird some time. Once the chicks have hatched and flown they will also move on.


    13-Jun-2013 09:41

    !!! I'm living in Discovery Gardens and it happen to me and to my friend to...we thought it's a isolated case :o

  • Thomas

    13-Jun-2013 08:02

    Crows are now become a problem in Sharjah- Majaz area too. Hundreds of crows are seen near the Buheria Corniche - Majaz Water front area. Crows started attacking walkers. Sharjah Municipality to look into it.

  • Mareena

    12-Jun-2013 22:09

    I was attacked at the same spot a year back! Luckily, I was left with no scratches or cuts!

  • Fredrik Lundholm

    12-Jun-2013 21:54

    Crows should be classified as flying pest and controlled like other pests.

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I have been beaked by the crow exactly at same location. Near West Zone.And once it beaked, it was not satisfied. It kept coming back untill I totally evaded it's vision!


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