Abu Dhabi homes offered free pest control services

Authorities launch winter clean-up as part of year-long campaign

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The waste managment centre has launched a campaign to control pests and maintain cleanliness of Abu Dhabi - Centre
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Abu Dhabi: Residents of Abu Dhabi are taking advantage of a free pest control service offered by a government entity for households across the emirate.

The Centre of Waste Management Abu Dhabi (CWM) is offering the service free of charge in residential premises.

“Those who need the service can call up the Abu Dhabi Government toll-free number 800555 and our staff will respond immediately, possibly within 24 hours,” said Dr Salem Al Ka'abi, deputy general manager at CWM.

Al Ka'abi was announcing a comprehensive year-long campaign to ensure general cleanliness across the emirate. The initiative will also be highlighted by three-month seasonal campaigns.

The winter season campaign, which was launched on November 1, aims to prevent the proliferation of pests that breed during cooler months. The campaign will see the latest technical solutions brought to bear against insects such as flies and mosquitoes besides rodents.

The CWM has contracted a number of environmental service providers (ESPs) to offer waste management and pest control services across the emirate.

Al Ka'abi made it clear that the free pest control services would be offered only in residential premises. Commercial entities will have to call on private pest control agencies.

Residents can call up the CWM to deal with any kind of pests, reptiles or stray animals, he said. “If you find a snake in your residential premises, our people will come and capture it. Likewise, stray dogs or cats are captured and handed over to Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital,” he added.

Falcon Hospital is an Abu Dhabi government-owned facility that provides treatment and shelter to falcons as well as cats, dogs and other animals.

“With the onset of winter, Abu Dhabi is gearing up to receive an increasing number of tourists looking to enjoy the pleasant weather. So the centre aims to enhance the beauty of our capital and ensure the emirate remains a welcoming destination. Using state-of-the-art techniques, our efforts are also directed to protect public health,” Al Ka'abi said.

Cleaning companies contracted by the CWM will deploy a team of 500 workers as well as state-of-the-art equipment and machinery as part of the campaign. They have been tasked with keeping streets clean in addition to cleaning passages in residential areas, parking lots and sidewalks.

The campaign will additionally address sandstorm debris and clear fallen trees and scattered waste. Additionally, lamp posts and bus stops will be rid of posters and stickers. Municipal authorities will issue fines to people who spit chewing gum on streets and put up posters and stickers.

“In our current seasonal campaign, we are taking precautionary measures against pests which pose a common health risk at this time of the year,” said Fares Al Mazroui, head of the inspection and licensing department at CWM.


  • nabeel

    07-Nov-2012 16:49

    well i am happy to hear this move by the authorities, but what about the other emoirates in uae? i think all emirates should clean and al ain city also included in this campaign for pest free.

  • juli

    07-Nov-2012 14:37

    It is very nice that the Abu Dhabi Municipality are offering free pest control. I hope also the DM does this so that the private pest control companies will not cheat the dubai residents by spraying only water around and making money without any solution to pest problem.

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well i am happy to hear this move by the authorities, but what about the other emoirates in uae? i think all emirates should clean and al ain city also included in this campaign for pest free.


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