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UAE boy who choked on rambutan is out of coma

3-year-old who nearly suffocated on fruit moved to paediatric ward

Saif Theeb Ali Al Shamisi
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Saif Theeb Ali Al Shamisi is recovering in the hospital. He choked on a fruit and was on a coma for five days.
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Al Ain: A three-year-old Emirati boy has come out of a five-day coma after choking on the fruit rambutan and unsuccessful efforts to clear his airway until he was treated by emergency medical authorities.

The boy, identified as Saif Theeb Ali Al Shamisi from Al Ain, is slowly recovering, officials at Tawam Hospital said, but he will remain hospitalised until he is in stable condition.

Saif was transferred from the Intensive Care Unit to the paediatric section of Tawam Hospital on Sunday.

“The boy has recovered and is better now. He has come out of coma but he still needs observing by the medical team to make sure there are no complications later,” the official said.

“Thank to Almighty Allah my son has recovered and he is out of danger, but I want him to return to what he was before when he is discharged from hospital,” said the boy’s mother.

Earlier this month, the boy’s father told Gulf News that he was shocked to see the whole rambutan fruit slipping down the boy’s throat. After that the boy could not breathe because the fruit had become lodged in his airway.

“I turned my son upside down and started beating his back in an attempt to remove the fruit from his mouth. But it did not work and his face turned blue. He was hardly breathing…I took him quickly to Tawam Hospital,” the father said.

“I really appreciate the efforts of the medical team who saved the life of my son… they spent about 20 minutes to remove the fruit from my son’s mouth and resuscitated him,” he said.



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