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Four rescued after being lost at sea off Fujairah

Sixty-year-old Emirati fisherman and three Asian assistants were missing for over 72 hours

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Fujairah: Four men lost at sea off Fujairah since Friday were rescued Monday by a joint Coast Guard and police team. The four, including a 60-year-old Emirati fisherman and three Asian assistants, were found in their boat, a police source said.

The source told Gulf News that the four were found after about 72 hours after contact was lost with them.

"They were all found in good condition, but subjected to routine medical check-ups," he said.

Rescued Emirati fisherman Mohammad Ahmad, from Dibba in Fujairah, went fishing with the three others in his boat early on Friday morning, planning to return before noon. But since then no contact could be made with the four men.

Sulaiman Al Khadim, Deputy Chairman of Fishermen's Association on the East Coast and head of Fishermen's Association of Dibba Al Fujairah, said Ahmad sailed out from Dibba on a regular fishing tip on Friday.

Family reported absence

His family, reported his absence to the Fujairah Fishermen's Society, which notified the authorities. "It was not explained how they got lost at sea, nor about what went wrong with their navigation equipment. Ahmad told investigators they lost their bearings and were not able to find their way back to shore," Al Khadim said.

He added that Fujairah authorities began a search operation and found the boat around noon Monday.