Family mourns loss of son crushed under Sharjah school bus

School bus accident marks first of 2013

14 Gulf News

Sharjah: A six-year-old Emirati boy who was crushed to death by a school bus was waiting for a friend after school, Gulf News has learnt. 

The boy identified as M.A.A, a Grade 1 student of Al Ghafyah school, had returned early to his house on Thursday and went to the location in the same neighbourhood where his friend was about to disembark from a school bus.

“Grade 1 finished their school day early on Thursday,” the victim’s brother, 18, said.

He said it will be difficult for the family to bear the loss of the boy.

“Undoubtedly the loss of my brother is one of the greatest calamities for us but this was a test from almighty Allah. May Allah bless the soul of my beloved brother and send him to paradise,” the brother said.

According to the preliminary police investigation, the young boy was waiting for his friends bus in the same neighbourhood of Umm Khanoor in Sharjah when the accident took place.

Lieutenant Colonel Ahmad Bin Darwesh, Head of Patrols and Traffic Department at Sharjah Police, told Gulf News that the boy was killed instantly.“The boy came under the wheels of the bus, which belongs to one of the private schools in the emirate, and died on the spot” he said.

Residents of that area saw the accident and they tried to alert the driver of the school bus but in vain.

“People shouted and waived to alert the driver to avoid the accident, but it did not work,” said the victim’s brother.

Bin Darwesh said the bus ran over the boy while the driver was reversing to leave the area. 

The driver realised that he committed an accident when he heard screaming and shouting from outside. He then stopped the bus and exited to investigate what happened.

“The boy came under the wheels of the bus with a capacity of 24 students and belongs to one of a private schools in the emirate and he died on the spot,” said Bin Darwesh.

The bus driver immediately rushed the boy to Kuwaiti hospital to no avail as the boy could not be revived.

A police patrol, ambulance and a public prosecutor reached the spot after receiving a call from police at Al Kuwaiti hospital.

The driver was taken into police custody.

Al Heira Police have launched an investigation into the incident, Bin Darwesh said.

Police say this is the first school-bus accident of 2013 and that in 2012 there were no school bus accidents in Sharjah. 

Bin Darwesh issued a call to parents to not allow their children to play outside alone without adult supervision as an extra safety precaution.

Funeral prayers on the boy were held in Al Sahaba Mosque in Sharjah after Mugrab (sunset) prayer.


  • sdzacrasta

    Jan 19, 2013 3:48

    May the departed soul of lettle child may rest in peace.

  • Siju Chan

    Jan 19, 2013 3:09

    I kindly request the authorities make it mandatory for all schools and colleges to install reverse cameras in their buses, it hardly costs anything. This is not the first accident of bus reversing and killing an innocent child. I have also noticed that rented school buses from rental companies use them on the weekends or nights to transport construction labourers. Safety and hygiene for the youngerones is a key issue and should be looked in to as a priority by making changes to avoid such shocking incidents to children.

  • yvonne Dsouza

    Jan 19, 2013 2:10

    All school bus drivers should be warned against using mobile phones while driving, and no music in the bus whatsoever.

  • Mobin

    Jan 19, 2013 12:56

    He was the angle from Paradise and went back to his origin. The Road Authorities should make it mendatory for all school buses to install rear cameras/sensors to avoid these kinds of tragic incidents in future.

  • Shahid

    Jan 19, 2013 12:46

    My condolences to the family who have lost their loved one. May the All Mighty empower the bereaved to cope up the un-expected tragedy. Time and again people have highlighted the importance of using technology to assist drivers. Authorities like ESMA should come forward to engage withcar manufacturers to provide parking sensors and rear-view display as standard for all vehicles. All local transport authorities in the country should enforce the use of such basic features which have been out there and in reliable use for the last 10 years.

  • Hassan Arif

    Jan 19, 2013 12:15

    May Allah(SW) give his family Sabr and with this calamity, May Allah(SW) use his family for the work of this beautiful deen of Islam InshaaAllah Ameen. May Allah(SW) grant this boy Jannat and forgive his and his families sins and May he be the way to Jannah for every member of his family InshaaAllah - Ameen

  • vpz

    Jan 19, 2013 12:05


  • Hassan Ali

    Jan 19, 2013 11:49

    Children are angels and should be kept safe. May Allah shover his millions of blessings on that child and inshallah that angel will rest in paradise.

  • shoeb

    Jan 19, 2013 11:49

    It must be compulsary for every mid-size to heavy vehicle to have reverse parking sensors or camera to avoid such incidents.

  • Imad

    Jan 19, 2013 11:38

    Simple question. Who was supervising the child when this incident happened? He was only a grade 1 student so would not have been more then 6/7 years old. He was too young to be out waiting for his friend on his own as stated by the article. While whatever happened is by Allah's decree, this tragedy could have been avoided with proper care.

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May the departed soul of lettle child may rest in peace.


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