Child loses fight for life after hotel tragedy

Boy’s condition remained critical since being fished out of swimming pool

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Salmeen Hadef Salem was to be flown abroad for treatmentbut could not make it as he died in a hospital.
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Al Ain: A three-year-old child who nearly drowned in a hotel pool in Fujairah died on Thursday, two weeks after the incident.

The child, Salmeen Hadef Salem Al Ameri, was to be flown abroad for treatment after Shaikh Tahnoun Bin Mohammad Al Nahyan, the Ruler’s Representative in the Eastern Region, offered assistance to the family but he passed away in an Al Ain hospital where had been admitted in a critical condition, Gulf News has learnt.

It may be recalled that two housemaids employed by the toddler’s family had died trying to save him from drowning. The boy had slipped into the adult swimming pool at a hotel in Dibba, Fujairah. The boy’s mother who had left the pool for five minutes to bring food for her three children ran to the pool on hearing screams and gave her son cardio-pulmonary resuscitation by the pool after a female tourist pulled him out of the water.

Salmeen’s condition had remained critical after he was admitted to Tawam Hospital and doctors had indicated his chances of survival were slim.

Salmeen was buried on Thursday at Al Mutawah cemtery in Al Ain.

According to the acting director of Dibba police, Major Abdullah Al Yamahi, tragedy struck when Salmeen jumped into a swimming pool meant for adults in the moments when his mother went to get food for the family. The two maids, A.A, an Ethiopian woman aged 25 and L.J, aged 20, of Sri Lanka, hadn’t noticed the child venture near the pool. When one of the maids found Salmeen drowning, she jumped in to save him but started drowning herself. The second maid then jumped into the pool in another failed rescue attempt.


  • Mundhir

    10-Nov-2012 17:09

    I think all hotels are supposed to have lifeguards. Why this hotel doesn't have any lifeguards?? I think the hotel should be responsible for these deaths.

  • Anonymous

    10-Nov-2012 14:56

    Its really a tragic moment for three families (little angle and twomaids). I feel that hotel is direct responsible as there was no lifeguard available during that time (till little kid and two maids got drowned). May their soul rest in peace.


    10-Nov-2012 14:35

    INA LILLAHI WA INA ILAYHI RAJIOUN. I had heared in my childhood that whom ever god likes the most returns to him quickly. May ALLAH give patience to the child's family; he would be remembered in our duaa's.

  • Anonymous

    10-Nov-2012 14:19

    I feel sorry for those maids too,so heroic act. Surely their families are grieving. May all their souls R.I.P.

  • Anonymous

    10-Nov-2012 13:42

    I really want to hold the mother ....who is facing this pain..As a mother I can feel deeply..May Allah help the Mother...very sad news.

  • Shiraz

    10-Nov-2012 13:11

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your little Prince. When it hurts tolook back and you are too scared to go forward, look beside you and yourbest friends will be there. We don't know how to heal your pain, but wish we could. Please know you are in our prayers and we wish you well.

  • Anonymous

    10-Nov-2012 11:25

    It's always bcoz of human negligence that such incidents take place. May Allah bless the grieved family and give them Courage to bear this loss.

  • Anonymous

    10-Nov-2012 10:51

    The hotel is supposed to have a LIFEGUARD right???

  • Ajay M Nair

    10-Nov-2012 10:50

    This news really upset me today... was praying for thechild as I saw the news earlier.... May GOD give strength to the entirefamily to face this horrible truth and pray the soul rest in peace ofthis cute little angel. With mist in eyes.

  • Anonymous

    10-Nov-2012 10:28

    Go home little angle and be with your in peace.

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I think all hotels are supposed to have lifeguards. Why this hotel doesn't have any lifeguards?? I think the hotel should be responsible for these deaths.


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