Baby dies after falling from Sharjah airport escalator

Five-month old boy fell from mother’s arms while she was heading for her flight

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Sharjah: A five-month-old Pakistani boy died on Monday night after falling from his mother’s arms on the escalator at Sharjah International Airport. 
She was about to depart the UAE for her country when the accident happened.

The Pakistani mother had passed through passport control and was carrying her baby — identified as M.E.A — and her handbag up an escalator when she lost control and the baby fell down the escalator.

The baby boy sustained injuries in different parts of his body.

Salem Al Midfa, the director-general of Sharjah International Airport, said the mother and child were treated at the airport’s clinic before moving them to Al Qassimi Hospital where officials said the baby was in critical condition when he arrived. After a short while, the baby was pronounced dead.

Boy falls from balcony

Meanwhile, in Ajman, a nine-year-old boy is in coma after falling on Monday from the balcony of an apartment. He suffered a fractured skull due to the impact of the fall, said authorities. The boy was transferred to Khalifa Hospital and police launched an investigation over the incident.


  • imran

    Mar 20, 2013 7:45

    sad to hear this

  • F

    Mar 20, 2013 7:04

    So many times I have had to travel with my infant son. When I was forced to check in my stroller - there would be ZERO assistance given to me. I had a 14 pound 9 month old and carrying him through long lines and through the airport - along with my baby bag and carry on, it is not an easy task. Some airports don't even have elevators made accessible and when they do - they are crowded with able bodied healthy individuals. I feel for this mother, and this loss is such a tragedy.

  • adil

    Mar 20, 2013 4:45

    oh, it very sad news. i am very upset for this mother and baby.

  • Binduhsh

    Mar 20, 2013 4:40

    I think the reason for such a fatal incident is just the lack of care or support the Airport officials gave to the mother with a 5 month old infant. I too had a very bad experience during way back to my home country for delivery and the return with my 3 month old baby. by the grace of God who has turned 9 months and 23 days today. Was travelling for delivery in the 8th month at the UAE airport and long way to walk to the boarding gate. unfortuantely I couldn't even get a cab car and enquired about it to the airport staff to hear the comment"OH! we don't have any staff to ride it".Avoiding using escalator- mothers with infants and kids till 2 years.

  • sujatha

    Mar 20, 2013 3:44

    My heart goes out to the mother. How traumatic it must be for her. May the Almighty give her the strength to cope with this horrifying tragedy.

  • Asna

    Mar 20, 2013 2:50

    It is so sad to hear the news of children falling every now and then here. We rarely come across such news in any other country. I guess, the architecture of such tall or short buildings is to be blamed and not the parents or anybody. The window structure. in most places in India, have grills or walls carved only for the purpose of air ventilation. I would request the authorities to approve only the designs considering the safety of children in tall or even a G+ 1 buildings in the future.

  • Thomas Mathew

    Mar 20, 2013 2:31

    It's sad to hear this. I read the same news in my regional language newspaper saying the reason for falling the baby from mother's hand was because she got tired by carrying him all the way in the airport. I am also a father of twin infants and when we were travelling from India to UAE, we have got special consideration because of carrying the infants by the airport staff in India and they helped us to get the faster clearance with all necessary departments by taking us to the relevant counters by avoiding the long queue (the people at the queue was supportive) at the airport. It was a great help for us. I suggest allairports must follow such things and the airport staff provide help to the passengers who carry infants or the airport must open separate counters such passengers (applicable to older peoples also), so that they can get the clearance in a faster way which will not make themtired while carrying the infants.

  • Alina

    Mar 20, 2013 1:39

    I don't know why the mother didn't use an elevator, but I assume she couldn't get into it, because some HEALTHY people with 2 legs and WITHOUT children were pushing themselves into it. It happens here everywhere, especially in metro and in malls. I couldn't get into lifts on metro stations and in malls many times with my child in a push chair, because a crowd of peole just wouldn't let me, fiercely pushing me away! What option does such a mother have, rather than to risk her child's life on an escalator?! Dear healthy young people, lifts are made first of all for people in wheelchair and people with children!

  • Mahendra Puvar

    Mar 20, 2013 1:32

    In some malls also I have noticed escalators have very short walls at very high level. This makes unsafe situation. In some other malls concrete structure/column is very near to escalator which can cause hand/head trap between escalator wall and column. Please notice thoseand take care. Those who are not habituated to use escalators and ladies with infants, old people should be double sure and take extra precaustion before using escalators or else use elevators.

  • farhin

    Mar 20, 2013 12:50

    extremely sad to hear such tragic deaths. my only advice to parents is to use elevators.e very mall has the facility.

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