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Ministry of Higher Education announced to the public a list of Accredited Programmes

Ministry urges students to consult with this list before applying to join private universities and colleges

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Abu Dhabi: The Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) yesterday announced the latest list of accredited academic programmes offered by higher education institutions that are licensed by the MOHESR.

Shaikh Nahayan Mubrak Al Nahayan, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, called on families and students to consult with this list before applying to join private universities and colleges to ensure that the programme they join is accredited.

“The CAA regularly reviews academic programmes. We sought external reviewers’ expertise to ensure that the programmes offered in the UAE meet the international standards of quality, so that our graduates are well prepared to compete globally,” he said.

“Colleges and universities in the UAE, government-supported and private alike, play an essential role as we, here in the UAE, seek to realise the tremendous potential of a knowledge-based future. It is, therefore, of the utmost importance that institutions in the UAE offer the highest quality academic programmes, that are recognised both within the country and internationally for their excellence,” Shaikh Nahyan explained.

“To ensure that colleges and universities in the UAE operate at international standards, the CAA conducts a programme of licensing and accrediting the higher education institutions and each of their academic programmes,” he added.

“The eleven standards of excellence, and the criteria that all institutions must meet for licensure and programme accreditation, provide quality guidelines and also reflect a consensus within the international higher education community about the essential characteristics of institutions that achieve a level of excellence. As a result, students, graduates, and their families can be confident that licensed institutions and accredited programmes will provide high quality,” Shaikh Nahyan concluded.

Dr. Saeed Al Hassani, MOHESR Undersecretary, explained that joining a programme that is accredited by MOHESR guarantees that the certificates the students receive once they graduate will be attested to by the Ministry

“The attestation is primordial and is a requirement when applying for jobs in Federal Governmental Departments and in some private sectors. This is also a requirement to get a scholarship to study abroad,” he said.

The updated list can be accessed at: