Dubai road deaths: the alarming stats

City has seen 82 fatalities so far this year, compared with 49 in same period last year

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Ambulance and police at an accident site on Emirates Road. According to police, drivers whoare relatively new were involved in majority of the accidents.
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Dubai: A sharp increase in deaths on Dubai's roads has been recorded in the first half of this year with 82 killed compared to 49 in the corresponding period of 2012, police say.

Statistics released on Thursday show 1,179 people were injured in 1,351 crashes compared to 1,243 people in 1,432 incidents last year.

Major General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, Director of Dubai Police Traffic Department, said from the 187 incidents involving pedestrians being run over, 24 were killed and 189 were injured, 27 of them seriously. Five of the incidents occurred in Dubai Marina.

Major General Al Zafein broke down the statistics depending on the experience of the driver, with the results below:

  • Those in their first year of driving caused 86 crashes, injuring 139 and killing four.
  • Drivers with a year or more of experience caused 68 incidents, injuring 105 and killing ten.
  • 78 crashes were caused by drivers with two-year-old licences, injuring 110 and killing six.
  • Those with three years of experience caused 89 incidents, injuring 136 and killing 12.
  • Drivers with four years of experience caused 73 crashes, injuring 107 and killing four.
  • Just 18 crashes were caused by drivers with 10-year-old licences, injuring 31 and killing none.
  • 11 crashes injuring 17 people were caused by drivers with 14 years of experience.
  • Bucking the trend, drivers with 16 years of experience caused 65 incidents, injuring 91 and killing 11.
  • 23 crashes injuring 29 people and killing three were caused by drivers without licences.
  • Cyclists caused 11 incidents, injuring 11 and killing two.

The statistics also broke down the deaths by road:

  • 11 people died in crashes on Emirates Road including five drivers, five passengers and one pedestrian.
  • Mohammad Bin Zayed Road saw 10 people die so far this year, including six drivers and four passengers.
  • Crashes on Shaikh Zayed Road led to six deaths including three drivers, one passenger and two pedestrians.
  • Four people died in separate crashes on Al Wasl Road, while three died in two incidents in the Al Quoz industrial area. Three were killed on the Dubai-Al Ain road.
  • Two fatal crashes took place on each of Hessa Street, Al Aweer, Shaikh Rashid road and Al Khail Road.
  • One fatal crash took place on each one of Cario road, Al Warqa, Al Saqer intersection, Al Muhaisna 2, Al Garhoud, Hor Al Anz, and Dubai Marina. Thirteen people also died in accidents in Al Quoz, Al Khawneej and Dubai Healthcare City.

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  • Santhosh Kumar

    Jul 26, 2013 2:16

    Some days (I mean on many occasions) you reported 'fall in roadfatalities' and surprisingly you come up with exactly the opposingstatement another day.... just happening it within a short period ofless than 6 months! Great reporting ...

  • Bart

    Jul 26, 2013 1:56

    Although it seems inviting to jump to the conclusion that moreexperienced drivers cause less accidents and this would match myexperience too one needs to be careful while interpreting thesestatistics. How many drivers are there with 14 years experience ascompared to drivers with less experience. To get the full picture aweighted average should be used here to understand the real picture,Regardless my overall feeling is that many drivers do not seem tounderstand the influence how bad road conditions (sand, pits etc) affectthe ability of the card. ALso reckless driving (high speed, tailgating,frequent lane shifting) seem to be more frequent here than in otherparts of the world. I wish there would be less focus on pure speed andmore focus towards reckless driving. As fines do not always have therequired effect, Considering to impound driving licenses may have abetter effect on improving road safety. Another thing to consider may beto allow starter drivers to drive smaller and less powerful cars untilthey have gained experience or driven accident free for 2 or 3 years)

  • ali

    Jul 26, 2013 1:21

    its all fault of the road system,trucks on highways,traffic jams becauseof signals everywhere and most important people rushing for iftarhuman can survive 3months without food

  • tahir

    Jul 26, 2013 11:30

    And 45 years old and driving since the age of 18, with 0 crashes.

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Some days (I mean on many occasions) you reported 'fall in roadfatalities' and surprisingly you come up with exactly the opposingstatement another day.... just happening it within a short period ofless than 6 months! Great reporting ...

Santhosh Kumar

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