Dubai motorists warned not to play loud music

Vehicles to be confiscated if motorists play loud music while driving in residential areas

13 Gulf News

Dubai: Motorists who play music at full blast while driving in residential areas will have their vehicles permanently confiscated, Dubai’s Police Chief said on Tuesday.

Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, said that people in residential areas, especially Jumeirah, have been complaining about motorists who drive their cars after midnight playing loud music. Residents have also complained about noisy motorbikes.

“Such behaviour is not acceptable and the car or vehicle which plays loud music or any kind of noise will be seized and will not be returned at all,” said Lt General Dahi.

He said that police patrols and undercover police will keep an eye on those who are misbehaving on the roads.

He said this was not a new rule and had been in place a long time.

“We are only reminding motorists to be decent while driving and to not disturb families in their homes,” he said.

He said those who wished to listen to loud music could go to remote inhabited areas to do so.


  • babu

    22-May-2013 18:14

    Motorists making loud noise, same time Pedestrians enjoying music usingthe headphone and those using mobile phone to cannot listen to warningsignals of moving vehicles.

  • Khal

    22-May-2013 16:38

    They talked about loud music; but what about action against noisy motor bikes in the night?

  • Ramesh

    22-May-2013 15:28

    This is great news. I would request Dubai Police to please check AlHadiqa Road at nights. Every night, residents at Wasl Square aretortured with the noise emanating from these bikes and fancy cars. Welook forward for some quick action in this regard.

  • Habeeb Hassan

    22-May-2013 15:19

    It is nice that the Police make sure that the rules are reminded to thepublic. The rules are always in place for the safety of public, but itis a pity that many do not abide by them. Most youngsters think thatdoing such acts makes them stand-out from the rest and shows theirdaring (in fact shows their mischievous & ignorant nature). However,it will be nicer to have more police patrol inside areas + cameras at afew junctions + speed breakers on some roads within the areas & near supermarkets

  • khalid

    22-May-2013 14:53

    I live near Naif Park, Deira. Shopkeepers turn on their music systems from 10am - 10pm. whenever we call police at noon they switch off their state of the art speakers for a few minutes until the police patrol leaves, than again they switch on their music systems. no one bother that people live in this neighbourhood too

  • Moahmmad

    22-May-2013 12:54

    Very nice move by authorities

  • anonymous

    22-May-2013 12:36

    i couldnt thank more... its soo annoying to hear the music blast.. notonly at night, but also during the day time... ok fine, u wanna hearloud music, just close the shutters up and enjoy it for yourself.. itstotally enoying!!! NOT SO COOL

  • Hazel Carvalho

    22-May-2013 12:23

    What about drivers who rev up their engines thus breaking the soundbarrier up to 3:00 a.m. The underpass (parallel to the Sheikh ZayedRoad, outside French Bakery) urgently needs to be monitored. An elderlyperson or young children could be shaken out their sleep with the suddenbut loud roars deep into the night - every night!

  • Manu

    22-May-2013 12:17

    This is a common issue in Dubai international city at night 3AM,thereis loud music from cars in the Parking Area and in roads

  • Rizwan Kazi

    22-May-2013 12:06

    Fantastic! Lets hope for the end of such nuisances in the coming future.

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Motorists making loud noise, same time Pedestrians enjoying music usingthe headphone and those using mobile phone to cannot listen to warningsignals of moving vehicles.


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