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Worker accused of threatening to kill woman doctor in UAE

Doctor claimed suspect stalked her after she rejected his marriage proposal

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Dubai: A worker has been accused of threatening to kill a doctor who rejected his marriage proposal after they met in a gym.

The 23-year-old Lebanese worker, A.F., was said to have stalked the 25-year-old Jordanian doctor and her family and also threatened to harm her if she did not drop the case against him.

The doctor said that their friendship developed shortly after they met in the gym.

The Jordanian confirmed that they went for dinner and lunch several times but when she realised that he was uneducated and lied to her, she rejected his marriage proposal.

According to the charge sheet, prosecutors said the defendant repeatedly told the doctor he would set her alight. He was also accused with threatening to defame her before her father.

Prosecutors also charged A.F. with sending an offensive SMS to the Jordanian’s mobile phone in which he cursed God and insulted a religion.

He was also accused of cursing the woman and abusing etisalat services to offend the doctor and harm her feelings.

“No I am not guilty. I didn’t do anything,” said A.F. when he entered his plea before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

The doctor said she became acquainted with the suspect when she was working out in a gym in Sharjah in July.

“One day he informed me that he had a special sports programme that could help me lose weight. We exchanged contact details and that’s how our relationship started. We exchanged phone calls and SMSs… then we went out several times for dinner and lunch. Then he expressed his interest in me and proposed. I rejected him because he was uneducated and dishonest and disrespected me. Then I asked him to stop communicating with me… however he started stalking me and my family. He disturbed my sister and my father. One day he parked under my house and threatened to kill or burn me if I did not go down to see him. He chased me in the street every time I went out… he also embarrassed me before my co-workers. At first I didn’t want to complain to the police hoping that he would go back to his senses and stop stalking me…,” said the doctor.

Records said when the suspect came to under her house and repeatedly honked his horn she asked the security guard for help. Then she told the police who came and arrested the defendant.

The woman also said A.F. called her from prison and threatened to harm her if she did not waive her complaint.

The trial continues.