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Woman prevents suspect from escaping through toilet window

Woman pulled suspect by his legs to foil his escape

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Dubai: A man was accused of destroying a woman’s toilet seat after he landed on it when she pulled him inside and stopped him from absconding after trying to steal from her flat.

The Iranian woman claimed that the jobless Emirati man landed on the toilet seat and destroyed it immediately after she pulled him by his legs to stop him from escaping through the bathroom window.

Records said the 36-year-old woman woke up when she heard the noise of someone trying to steal into her house.

She opened the main door in case she needed to run away. When she went to check on the noise coming from the washroom, she saw the man’s legs dangling inside while the rest of his body was outside the window.

“I grabbed his legs and pulled him back very strongly. He landed on the toilet seat and broke it. When he stood up and tried to catch me, I ran outside the flat and called the neighbours for help,” the woman claimed to prosecutors.

Prosecutors accused the 29-year-old suspect, A.A., with intentionally destroying the woman’s washroom fixture . He was additionally charged with trespassing into the woman’s flat through the window and attempting to steal.

The suspect failed to appear before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Thursday. The judge adjourned the case until A.A. is legally notified about the next hearing on July 19.

“I woke up on hearing a strange noise inside my flat around 6.30am. I stopped the thief from running away by pulling him by his legs. When I sought the neighbour’s help, he climbed back from the window and used a ladder in the shaft down to the third floor. The neighbours locked a window that leads to the stairway. He climbed down to the second floor and sneaked into the stairway through another window. The neighbours and I surrounded him to prevent him from running away… he threatened us with a knife and covered his face with a red gotra. When I spotted my wallet in his mouth, I pulled him by his legs. He fell down and I took back my wallet,” claimed the woman.

An Egyptian neighbour confirmed the woman’s statement.