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Withcraft rooted in ignorance

Practice is condemned in Islam

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Dubai: The prevalence of voodoo, witchcraft and sorcery in the UAE seems at odds with modern society. It’s presence here can be attributed to the ignorance of some people and the influence of cultures with a deeply rooted belief in such practices.

Nasif Kayed, general manager of the Shaikh Mohammad Centre for Cultural Understanding Centre, told Gulf News that some people resort to sorcery out of desperation and helplessness.

“One should seek God’s help when things get tough,” Kayed said. “But some people seek magic.”

He noted that witchcraft is prohibited in Islam and that one must be very ignorant to believe in such things, as nothing can affect anyone or change someone’s state unless God wills it to.

Islam condemns black magic and sorcery and any person who practices or believes in it is considered a disbeliever in God.

Kayed said that the Quran is very clear on such practices. He said that verse 102 of Chapter 2 of the Holy Book explains how black magic or the one who casts it cannot harm anyone, except by Allah’s permission.

Brigadier Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department told Gulf News that most victims in sorcery cases were Arab women. He said women are especially vulnerable to such tricks when they are desperate to attract suitors, win back their husbands, or to have a child or be cured of illnesses. He warned against falling for con artists who claim they can solve people’s problems through black magic.