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Trio accused of posing as policemen, beating, robbing visitor to Dubai

Court to appoint lawyers to defend suspects

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Dubai: Three men have been accused of carrying out an attack on a visitor after posing as policemen, beating him and stealing his iPhone.

Prosecutors charged the three Pakistani men, 36-year-old M.A., 35-year-old M.S. and 22-year-old M.A., with stealing Dh400 and an iPhone from a Pakistani visitor to Dubai, M.H.

They were also accused of impersonating policemen.

The trio entered an innocent plea when they defended themselves before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

“Honestly, Sir, the three of us were very drunk and we do not remember or know what happened that day,” M.A. told Presiding Judge Ali Atiyyah Sa’ad.

“Yes, Sir, we were very drunk and unaware of our actions,” contended M.S.

Meanwhile M.A. pleaded not guilty.

The visitor testified that the defendants attacked him while he was walking in Abu Hail around 7pm.

“They blocked my path, they claimed to be policemen. One of them grabbed me from the back and they pushed me into a small alley. I was beaten very hard and they immobilised me before they took my money and iPhone.

“I was injured in my leg and arms,” M.H. claimed during prosecution questioning.

An Emirati policeman testified that a witness spotted the defendants mugging the complainant.

“When the witness asked the suspects why they stopped and assaulted M.H, they all ran away. Primary interrogations led to the suspects’ arrest,” claimed the policeman.

The visitor identified the defendants in a police line-up three times.

Presiding Judge Sa’ad said the court will appoint lawyers to defend the suspects when it reconvenes on December 20.