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Ticket agent jailed for one month for asking woman to have sex with him

Court clears defendant of groping woman in elevator

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Dubai: A ticket agent has been jailed for a month for asking a woman he met in an elevator to massage him and have sex with him for Dh500.

The 30-year-old agent, J.A., was said to have followed the Moroccan woman into an elevator where she claimed he groped her and offered her Dh500 for sex and a massage.

“The defendant will be jailed one month for encouraging the woman to commit a sin [massage and have sex]. However J.A. has been acquitted of sexually molesting the woman,” said the Dubai Court of First Instance’s presiding judge Mohammad Jamal.

According to Sunday’s judgment, the accused will be deported following the completion of his jail term.

“Yes I am guilty. I asked her to massage and have sex with me. But I did not touch her at all,” said J.A., an Indian, when he defended himself before the court.

The 24-year-old woman said that the incident happened after she walked out from a store and was heading to her house.

“The defendant walked into the elevator behind me. He seemed drunk… he caressed his hand over my body. Then he offered to pay me Dh500 if I had sex with him,” said the woman.

Sources close to the case told Gulf News that the defendant obtained a written waiver from the woman after he paid her Dh5,000.

According to the charge sheet the defendant dishonoured the woman and breached her privacy and modesty when he asked her to sleep with him for money. He was also accused of molesting her.

The Moroccan said that she shouted at the defendant when he touched her and made his indecent proposal.

An Emirati police lieutenant, who questioned the defendant, said the latter admitted that he asked the woman to massage him.

Sunday’s judgment remains subject to appeal within 15 days.